Soleirolia soleirolii, a beautiful ground cover plant

Soleirolia soleirolii that responded to the name of Helxine soleirolii also known as Angel tears, Paritaria or Mother of a thousand. It is a plant that belongs to the Urticáceas family and is native to the western Mediterranean (Corsica, Mallorca and Menorca).

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Characteristics of the Soleirolia soleirolii

Herbaceous plant with a creeping, monoecious, small size, carpet-like appearance, which can form a large bush in width, although it is reduced in height (not exceeding 10 cm). The leaves are very small, rounded, light green and a green gold, including silver variegated color. The stems are thin, branched, practically translucent that take root as they grow. The flowers are tiny, solitary and white.

Caring for the Soleirolia soleirolii

It is their natural habitat grows spontaneously in the crevices of walls and rocks. It is a very attractive species that gives a decorative touch.

It is a plant of great adaptation, but it should not be in full sun. It grows very well in medium shade.

As for the temperature, it preferred to be fresh. Although it grows well in warm conditions. You can get to resist the cold, but not freezing because it can ruin their foliage when the temperature drops the -5˚C.

It is indifferent to soil type, but live optimally in light soil, moist, deep and well drained.

Watering must be abundant and continuous to ensure that the substrate to dry.

In order to control its growth it is necessary to prune. Cutting thin stems.

Composting must be done every 15 days to grow vigorous.

It is a hardy plant, as insects and parasites attacks are unknown, which gives a great advantage.

How can spread fast it is it kills division in the spring. You can also multiply by cuttings. Even the pieces that can break in the course of handling will quickly take root and develop without the greatest problem.

So if you count with a corner in the garden you need it life, this can be a great alternative, as well as being beautiful will grow in a short period. Therefore, do not hesitate to order more and Cape does not require much care and look spectacular Did you know her? Like?

Image courtesy of: Carnat Joel

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