Some easy species to grow in fall

After the summer, we welcome the fall. During this time, many plants tend to lose their splendor, since they lose their leaves and the color of their flowers. However, there are some easy species to grow in autumn and here we leave them for you.

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The flowering period of the marigold begins when the fall ends and extends until the end of spring. The seeds will germinate in seven days and after 30 days they can be peeled, that is, separated into individual containers until it is time for planting.


It is a biannual herbaceous plant, grown as an annual , 20 cm high. Its leaves can be 5 cm long and its flowers 8 cm in diameter. They can be tricolor and velvety. Flowering time is late winter and spring in loose, fertile soil mixed with river hangover or mulch. It prefers intense luminosity and humidity. Water every three days, avoiding flooding the soil. Sow in seedlings in late summer and early fall.


It is a perennial herbaceous plant that can reach up to 15 cm high. Its leaves are simple and can be up to 10 cm long while its flowers are red, blue, pink or white. Its flowering time goes from autumn to spring and its adaptation is good. It prefers shady places, although the morning sun suits it well. You need fertile, loose soils and enough watering to keep the compost moist; biweekly. Add bone meal at the time of planting, approximately 500 g per square meter of flowerbed.


It is a perennial herbaceous plant that is grown as an annual and can reach 25 cm in height. Its leaves are dark green on the upper face and white on the lower face, while its chapters are solitary, 8 cm in diameter, yellow, orange, brown, red with a darker central part. It blooms in spring and summer. It is very easy to cultivate although it prefers a sandy and fertile soil and a substrate with a river undertow and sand. It loves full sun and should be watered every three days in summer and every week in winter. Its mode of propagation is through the division of bushes in autumn.

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