Step by step the cultivation of Phalaris canariensis

Phalaris canariensis also known as Alpiste or Grano de las Canarias . It is a plant native to the Mediterranean area. At present it has managed to be cultivated in different parts of the world, especially in those places with not extreme temperatures.

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Its requirements and growing cycles are very similar to those of other cereals such as barley and wheat. It is the only species of its genus that is cultivated solely for the production of grains

All about the cultivation of Phalaris canariensis


The ideal time to sow the seeds is in the fall, so that the seeds can be harvested in the summer time.


Canary grass is a plant that requires few requirements in terms of soil. It is better to plant in a pot to be able to have a greater protection of it.


The seed of Phalaris canariensis  is tiny, only 5 millimeters. So it is recommended to sow it at a depth of about 2 cm.

Sowing is very easy. Just put the soil in the pot where you are going to plant the seed and keep it at the recommended depth.

Then wait for it to dry to water again. In a few days it will begin to sprout.


This can reach a development of 8 cm. Later it can be transplanted to the final soil.

It is best to leave a separation of about 20 to 30 cm between each planted specimen.


For the application of herbicides, it must be controlled in terms of the product and the dose due to the susceptibility of the crop.


In order to finish the harvest, it is necessary to pay attention to the variant of ripening, since the main stems ripen before the secondary ones.

If the seed is to be used in the next sowings, it must be harvested well mature. Therefore, cleaning is necessary to obtain a uniform seed free from cracks.


For conservation it should be in cool and well ventilated places.

As you can see, birdseed is a plant that can be grown easily and without major problem. So do not hesitate to get yourself a few copies.

Now if you already have a pair, don’t think twice and give us your secrets to keep it healthy and full of life.

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