Stevia or potted stevia care

Stevia  ( Stevia rebaurdiana Bertoni ) is a very popular plant because its leaves have a great natural sweetening power, being excellent for people with obesity, type II diabetes and hypertension, all of which makes it a favorite to have on the terrace or garden. So to have it on hand, it would be useful to know how to care for potted stevia .

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Step by step planting stevia in a pot

Stevia  can be grown from seed or cuttings. So prepare the pot where you are going to plant it.

To do this, fill it with peat and moisten it before sowing. Spread the seeds on the surface of the peat without having to cover them.

Then compact the peat by hand and make sure the seeds stick to the peat for optimal germination.

Remember that the ideal time to sow stevia  is in the spring when there is no frost, but the ideal is to sow it indoors with a temperature of 20 to 21˚C.

Take the pot in a place with light, but without direct sunlight and keep the pot moist.

Irrigation should be very careful to prevent the seeds from being lost and they can germinate properly.

After 3 months, you can place it in a pot of a larger size. In this case, you will have to prepare a peat substrate enriched with humus and transplant it into a new pot.

Stevia care

The stevia plant  requires an acid substrate that has a pH lower than 7.

You should even make an extra contribution of worm castings when spring begins.

It needs a warm and humid climate, although it adapts to tropical and temperate climates. When lowering the temperature, it will be necessary to protect it.

Stevia  does not tolerate drought and if it lacks water, a decay of its leaves may be observed.

For pruning, the branches should be cut about 5 cm above the substrate. In this way it will grow its leaves the following season.

It is not a plant  that is easily attacked by pests or diseases. But perhaps you can run into caterpillars, aphids, ants or snails.

Do you find its care simple? Do you dare to have a stevia plant ? We would love for you to share your experiences.

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