Sweet potato, sweet potato or sweet potato: properties and benefits of this tuber

What is sweet potato? The sweet potato , whose scientific name is Ipomoea batatas ; It is a sweet-tasting tuber that contains a high nutritional level. This tuberous root is native to the American continent, particularly in the southern and central areas. Currently its cultivation and consumption is widespread throughout the world due to the pleasant taste of sweet potato and its nutritional properties and health benefits.

The sweet potato is also known in different places with other names such as potato or sweet potato , sweet potato or sweet potato and in this article we are going to tell you what benefits the sweet potato has and what are the properties and benefits of this vegetable.

As we always do, we recommend that you choose organic sweet potato to ensure that it has been grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and that it does not have pesticide residues.

Does sweet potato make you fat?

Many overweight or obese people who want to lose weight and are dieting to lose weight wonder if sweet potatoes are fattening.

This tuber provides 425 kcalories per 100 grams. But it is important to note that food is much more than calories. When choosing one or another food we must take into account its general composition .

No fruit or vegetable is going to be harmful for a person who wants to lose weight, because, regardless of their calories, their overall nutritional value is excellent and provides many important nutrients for us to be healthy. If you are on a slimming diet, include the sweet potato without fear in your favorite dishes. Cook it in the steam or in the oven.

If you want to learn to eat well, acquire healthy eating habits and maintain optimal health: base your diet on real foods, that is, those that are not ultra-processed or, if they are, that process is the minimum. Examples of real foods are fresh, seasonal, organic and local fruits and vegetables . Nuts, seeds, legumes, etc.

Although the sweet potato is considered a sweet potato, it does not belong to the same botanical family as potatoes . The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant belonging to the Convolvulaceae family . while the potato or potato belongs to the botanical family of the Solanaceae (like tomatoes , aubergines and peppers or chili peppers ).

Moreover, we can also incorporate other very nutritious our diet, as well as potato or potato tubers, such as nutsedge , the pataca or Jerusalem artichoke and manioc .

Types of sweet potatoes

There are several types of sweet potatoes , among which are:

  • white-fleshed sweet potato
  • sweet potato with yellow flesh
  • sweet potato with purple flesh or skin
  • Sweet potato with pulp or orange peel , which contains a higher amount of carotenoids due to its color.

In Spain, the largest production of this sweet tuber is in Malaga . However, the sweet potato is found around the world in lands with tropical or subtropical climates; such as Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the United States.

Sweet Potato Properties

The sweet potato is known to be a tuber rich in beta carotene. However, sweet potatoes not only have nutritional benefits; it also has medicinal properties. For example, among its compounds, some claim to be anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-cancer.

The sweet potato provides the body with macronutrients such as carbohydrates, vegetable protein and micronutrients such as vitamins A, B2, B9 (folic acid), E, ​​C; minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus.

The sweet potato has even been used to prepare some medicines; Thus, the compounds isolated from sweet potato contain several benefits at the pharmacological level.

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Sweet potato benefits

Rich in fibers: It is rich in cellulose and pectin fibers. Pectin helps improve digestion and intestinal transit. The fiber of the sweet potato will help us prevent and improve cases of constipation .

High in antioxidants : Its high antioxidant content helps us to stay healthy and prevent diseases; among them, cancer. It also protects the cells of our body from free radical damage and slows down the aging process.

Contains vitamins: The sweet potato has a high vitamin content, among which are provitamin A, vitamin C, E, and the vitamins of group B: B1, B2, B5 and B6.

Ideal for pregnant women: Because it contains a good supply of folic acid, sweet potato is good for pregnant women. But in addition, the rest of the nutrients that this sweet potato has will favor the growth and health of the fetus and the mother.

It helps vision: Sweet potatoes are often compared to carrots, this is due to their high content of carotenoids. These compounds have a protective effect on sight and can help prevent degenerative diseases such as cataracts.

Although all varieties of sweet potato contain beta carotenes, these substances are especially high in sweet potato with orange flesh ; Well, beta carotene is a pigmented chemical compound whose color is orange and very important in the human diet.

Helps maintain a healthy heart: The sweet potato also helps prevent heart disease and, due to its high potassium content; it is known to regulate blood pressure.

How to Cook Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato Recipes

sweet potato recipes

Sweet potatoes can be a good addition to your meal or just a snack. In some countries it is common for them to be marketed in the form of chips or fried tortillas. But there is no doubt that the best way to take advantage of the properties of sweet potato is to prepare it steamed or in the oven so that it maintains the maximum of nutrients and is healthy.

Sweet potatoes can be eaten cooked, boiled, roasted, or steamed. You can prepare snacks, creams, purees, gourmet dishes and sweets with it . In Argentina, for example; They make a dessert called “vigilant dessert” accompanied with pategras cheese. And, in the United States they caramelize the sweet potato to eat it on Thanksgiving.

Some recipes for cooking with sweet potato are really easy to follow:

For breakfast you can spread toast with it previously roasted in the oven or steamed.

You can also prepare stuffed sweet potatoes the same way potatoes or zucchini are stuffed. Or fry them as you do with potatoes.

Sweet potato is a versatile food that can be used in the kitchen to prepare both savory and sweet dishes. From snacks or snacks to more sophisticated dinners.

I recommend that you see my recipe for a quinoa burger , in which I use the sweet potato and this other recipe for kale with sweet potato , delicious.

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