Tagetes erecta, a plant that in addition to being beautiful has innumerable properties

Tagetes erecta also known as Moorish Carnation, Carnation, Indian Rose, Chinese Carnation, Turkish Carnation, Moorish Carnation, Damasquino, Damasquina, Chinese Carnation, African Carnation. It belongs to the Asteraceae family, being native to Mexico.

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Characteristics of the Tagetes erecta

Annual plant that can grow up to 30 cm.

The leaves are opposite, pennate, subdivided into lanceolate or toothed and ciliated segments, dark green in color.

The flowers are yellow or orange inflorescences, with heads formed by numerous small flowers with elongated or rounded petals. It blooms in the summer to late fall. Although in hot climates it lengthens during the winter.

The seed  is an achene with vilane.

Tagetes erecta care

It is a species suitable for pots, in clumps separated by 20 to 30 cm. In addition, it is used as a seasonal plant for borders, flower beds and rockeries.

It needs to be in full sun, as it does not tolerate intense shade. It adapts very well to the sea coast.

As for the soil, any terrain suits him well.

Watering should be moderate, not copious and approximately three times a week.

Pruning can be carried out to remove wilted and dry stems and flowers so that it can grow vigorously.

The pests that can be present are mites and the green mosquito (when there is an excess of sun). For this, an acaricide would have to be used to combat it. It can even be affected by the presence of slugs and snails.

As for the diseases that could affect it are leaf spot, root rot, stem rot, gray mold and virus disease.

The multiplication is by means of seeds at the end of winter.


It is a specimen that is used for various pathologies that are associated with many diseases and ailments. Being effective against the flu, cardiovascular diseases, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

  • To do this, you would have to make an infusion with the flowers and roots. Let stand and drink 2 to 3 cups a day.

In addition, its use does not stop there, since it is an effective insecticide.

  • So for its preparation it must be poured in equal parts of inflorescences and water and integrate. Let stand 2 weeks. Then mix the solution, that is, a portion of 1: 2 and immediately fumigate the plants.

What do you think of this beautiful specimen? Do you like it? Do you know it?

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