Tasks of the Ecological Garden in October

It is in October when we are noticing that we begin with the autumn routines in the garden. Shorter days and therefore fewer hours of sunshine, temperatures are decreasing, in the best of cases progressively, and the rains are becoming more common. All this will have an impact on the slowdown in the development of crops. The sowings and harvests in fall are not as numerous as those we have had in summer, but they will keep us busy!

Regarding irrigation, we are going to reduce the amount of water, whether we have drip irrigation or any other system, which we provide to the crops. It is a good time to consider including ways to collect and store rainwater and even to design the orchard to improve the use of water, such as keyline cultivation , and to take advantage of the water that we can store now for other times with less water.

Some trees and plants may need some attention when it comes to grooming such as fall pruning. See more details about pruning , to avoid fungal diseases, frostbites, etc.

Autumn is an excellent time to add slow release fertilizers ( humus , compost , etc.) to the fruit trees, this will also protect the roots from frost. But we will also take into account how to pay according to the needs of the plant and the type of soil.

Seeds . Due to the usual temperatures in Autumn, it is convenient that some crops are sown protected from these in schools, here is how to prepare seedlings .

The pests. During the fall fungi can appear due to humidity. We have at our disposal many ecological fungicides that we can prepare, one of them very effective and useful is horsetail , which prevents and fights brotitis, powdery mildew, rust, mildew, etc. And for other types of pests you have a multitude of ecological remedies

If you also believe that the crops may need a little help, I recommend these homemade preparations to improve the conditions of the plants


What can we sow in October?




Swiss chard .


Endives .


Carrots .


Green peas

Leeks .

Mushrooms and fungi



Spinach .


Broad beans


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