The 10 most read articles in 2013

These are the 10 most visited articles in ECO farmer , some of these posts are news , others about home remedies , there are also about the properties of food and of course, about the organic garden .


1.- Up to 60 million euros of fine for those who supply themselves with electricity without paying Iberdrola

2.- Nutritional and medicinal properties of pineapple

3.- Two recipes to make homemade soap without soda

4.- 10 ecological remedies to avoid and combat aphids

5.- Nutritional properties of avocado or avocado

6.- Know how to eat. 64 basic rules to learn to eat well, by Michael Pollan

7.- Sowing and transplant calendar according to the lunar phases

8.- Know 10 ways to avoid and combat snail and slug pests

9.- Home and natural remedies to remove skin blemishes

10.- The EU prohibits the sale and reproduction of indigenous and traditional seeds


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