The 40 articles of ECOagricultor of 2016 that you liked the most

Happy 2017! We sincerely wish you that 2017 brings you a lot of happiness, love and opportunities to achieve everything you set your mind to.

For our part, we continue with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm to continue contributing our grain of sand when it comes to disseminating about Organic Agriculture , supporting small producers and manufacturers of organic products and so that organic and local foods are more accessible to everyone.

One of the main causes of climate change is food production based on the use of agrochemicals. We cannot have good health by living in a sick environment. In fact, there are more and more diseases and deaths caused directly and indirectly by environmental pollution. Luckily, the number of people who become aware and seek solutions for day to day is increasing : use more public transport and move by bicycle, buy ecological and local or make responsible use of water and electricity .

You already know that in the ECOagricultor blog we have several sections in which we publish articles and among them we highlight:

+ Ecological Agriculture

+ Nutrition

+ Medicinal Plants

+ Home Remedies

We wanted to collect the 10 articles of 2016 from each of these sections of the blog that you liked the most, here they go:

Ecological agriculture

1.- Moon phases more suitable for each activity in the garden .

2.- Lunar calendar of plantings and transplants according to the lunar phases .

3.- How to grow ginger at home .

ecoagricultor book 4.- 10 ecological remedies to avoid and combat aphids .

5.- Sowing calendar .

6.- 16 ecological insecticides and fungicides for orchard pests .

7.- How to grow moringa .

8.- 10 ways to avoid and combat snail and slug pests .

9.- Types of organic fertilizers .

10.- The 6 most common types of sowing .

Join other gardeners who are already enjoying their organic gardens with the help of our book “Urban gardens and flower beds”  in which you will find a lot of useful information on urban organic gardening, get it now!


celery properties 11.- Nutritional benefits of celery .

12.- Pineapple or pineapple: properties and nutritional benefits .

13.- Properties of flax or linseed seeds and how to take them .

14.- Lentils and their nutritional properties .

15.- Properties and nutritional benefits of avocado or avocado .

16.- Swiss chard: discover its nutritional properties .

17.- Health benefits of the consumption of broad beans .

18.- Why drink water with lemon .

19.- What is beet or beet good for ?

20.- Take advantage of the benefits and nutritional properties of the carob bean or carob bean .

Medicinal plants

contraindications aloe vera 21.- Medicinal properties and uses of aloe vera or aloe .

22.- Medicinal and nutritional properties of moringa .

23.- 10 reasons to drink aloe vera or aloe vera juice and how to prepare it at home .

24.- Cat’s claw: medicinal properties and benefits of the use of this medicinal plant .

25.- Properties and medicinal uses of rosemary .

26.- Nettle: medicinal properties and how to take it .

27.- Benefits and medicinal properties of the use of Valerian .

28.- Basil: take advantage of its medicinal properties and how to use it in home remedies .

29.- Medicinal properties of Calendula or wonder and how to take it .

30.- Plantain: properties and medicinal uses of this plant .

Home remedies

stuffy nose home remedies 31.- 18 natural and home remedies for headaches such as migraine and migraine .

32.- 17 home and natural remedies for heartburn or heartburn .

33.- 14 home and natural remedies to remove skin blemishes .

34.- 7 home remedies to eliminate headache fast .

35.- 8 home remedies for a bloated tummy or belly and gas .

36.- 16 home remedies for fever

37.- 18 home remedies for bee and wasp stings .

38.- 6 home remedies with medicinal plants

39.- 7 homemade mosquito repellants .

40.- How to eliminate lice and nits with these 11 home remedies .

Do the most read articles on the ECOagricultor blog coincide with your favorites?

What articles have been the most useful and interesting to you?

What topics would you like us to cover in future articles?

We would love to hear your opinion, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

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A very strong hug from the entire team that makes ECOagricultor possible.


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