The best red flowers

The red flowers evoke energy and passion, so then leave you with some you can illuminate your home. Take note!

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The amaryllis has been specially created to grow inside the home and is very easy to care for . It blooms in winter and lasts for several weeks. Every year, the bulb grows stronger and the stems grow longer and stronger. If you want it to bloom at Christmas, you will have to force them.


Guzmania is a plant of tropical origin that is part of the bromeliad family. Being an epiphytic plant, it lives on bark, moss or wood. Its leaves are elongated, green, and form a rosette. In the center there is a green spike-shaped bract that turns reddish over time. When the flower dies, the plant begins to wilt.


If you are looking for a challenge, growing ixora as a houseplant is very rewarding. Leave your plant in a sunny spot to enjoy large clusters of red flowers and rich green leaves.

Red cactus

If you think the cactus is prickly and boring, take a look at this red cactus. It may look like a typical cactus with a red flower on top, but the truth is that the red part is actually another grafted cactus . The red cactus is an albino cactus and, therefore, it could not survive long without the help of the green that photosynthesizes both. It is very easy to care.


The main defect of the Acalypha is that it can grow and bloom excessively. But, don’t let that stop you from cultivating it. If the stems get too long or if there are a lot of discolored flowers on your plant, trim them to 12 inches. In a short time you will be able to obtain a bushy plant, covered with soft and beautiful catkins.

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