The consumption of organic products continues to grow

The organic products , bio or organic are increasingly demanded and it shows that the organic sector food no Spanish continues to grow apace, although for example, consumption of conventional foods have stagnated or even despite the crisis .

According to the data analyzed in the latest report issued by MAPAMA ( Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment ) and that you can read in full below, in 2015 the consumption of organic food in Spain increased by 24.5% with compared to 2014, reaching 1,498 million euros.

ecological consumption 2015

Although this is good news, we must not forget that although Spain is the main producer of organic food in Europe we are still far from other European countries in terms of consumption, to give you an idea:

  • In Switzerland the average consumption per person / year is € 262
  • In Denmark the average consumption per person / year is € 191
  • In Germany the average consumption per person / year is € 106
  • In Spain the average consumption per person / year is € 32

But we are very satisfied to know that more and more people want organic and local food  that has been produced in a sustainable way.

Where are organic products bought?

Another interesting fact that the MAPAMA report offers us is where we prefer to buy organic food .

In the Mediterranean countries, unlike the countries of central and northern Europe, we prefer:

1º- Buy directly from  organic farmers .

2º- Buy in specialized stores (herbalists, organic product stores, organic product markets , etc).

3º- Buy in large stores (supermarkets-hypermarkets).

Why is the consumption of organic food increasing?

People who choose to buy organic or organic food have a greater interest and knowledge in the way in which food is produced and distributed and seek that it is healthy both for themselves and for the environment.

The ease of accessing information on how they are produced and what are the benefits of organic food increases the number of people who want to eat in a more natural and coherent way, just as our ancestors did.

By supporting organic farming, we are helping to preserve the cultivation of local varieties that have been cultivated for hundreds of years and that are part of the culture and gastronomy of each area.

Another concern that people who eat organic have is the origin of the food. We look for local food , produced locally to reduce the environmental footprint and to boost the economy and the generation of green jobs.

It is not surprising that more and more conventional farmers are switching to the organic sector , of which we are very happy at ECOagricultor.

What organic products are the most consumed?

According to the MAPAMA report, the shopping basket of the person who buys organic or organic food is more varied and complete every year.

Products of habitual and daily consumption such as organic fruits and vegetables or organic whole grains and legumes are the organic products that we consume the most.

If we Spaniards are characterized by something when consuming organic food, we do so because our preference in the shopping basket is fresh and unprocessed food (more than 65%) over processed products, unlike consumers of conventional products that consume up to 90% of processed products. What does this translate to? In that the people who prioritize basing our diet on organic and local foods are aware of the importance of having a diet based on natural foods to have good health and quality of life.

But we also buy organic or organic for other important reasons:

  • Because we look for more nutritious food
  • With taste
  • That they are autochthonous and traditional
  • That they are free of pesticides, hormones, synthetic fertilizers, etc.

Characterization of the Spanish organic production sector 2015 (MAPAMA)

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