The Exacum affine may captivate you by the beauty of its flowers

Exacum affine  also known as German Violet or Persian Violet . It belongs to the Gentianaceae family, which is made up of more than 100 species of herbaceous plants. It is originally from the Island of Socotra (Yemen).

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Description of Exacum affine

Short-lived perennial or annual plant , 15 to 30 cm high.

The leaves are oval in shape, shiny, about 3 cm long.

The flowers are white, lilac or purple, with a yellowish stamen and a pleasant aroma that emerges at night.

It blooms from mid to late summer, even under fluorescent light it can also bloom. It has a long flowering period.

Exacum affine care

It is a plant  that is cultivated as an indoor species, for balconies and terraces. But it is convenient to replace it annually.

It requires filtered light, protected from drafts and with high humidity.

As for the soil, it should be moist with a mixture of equal parts sand, peat and mulch. Furthermore, calcareous water should be avoided.

The fertilizer should be in the growth period and provide every two weeks with a mineral fertilizer.

Pruning should only be to remove wilted flowers, only by removing them with your hands to ensure vigorous and continuous flowering.

It is a species susceptible to the attack of the spider mite and aphids.

It is propagated from seeds. At the end of winter, the seeds are planted in substrate with a temperature between 21 and 23 .C. This way they will be able to root in about 3 weeks.

When you have a couple of leaves, it can be transplanted individually to pots or small pots.

What do you think of this Exacum affine ? Did you know her? If your answer is no, then it is time to take a look at it, because it will surely captivate you with the beauty of its flowers.

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