The importance of the benefits that plants provide us

What inhabitant of the city does not dream at times of green fields, immense forests, impenetrable jungles, horizons of mountains and valleys?

What is it that calls us about those landscapes, those images that are so pure? What is behind these imaginary trips?

Nature undoubtedly refers us to moments of peace, it connects us with an important part of our existence which is the land we inhabit and its environment. But what few of us think is that we do not need to get away from the city to enjoy the benefits of the earth, the benefits that plants offer us and the positive effect that touch with green generates in man.

In this article we will talk about the importance of the plants around us and their benefits that they give us. And the fundamental thing to understand that in the city it is not only possible to live with more green, but that it is a necessity and we have to incorporate it as such.


Activity for the soul. Perhaps the most important and beneficial thing for us humans: contact with plants. It is inevitable to enjoy seeing new shoots, following the development and birth of a plant from the seed, enjoying the appearance of new flowers, talking and feeling these wonderful beings who give us their virtues and become a healthy and kind company. Who does not feel full in front of an imposing rose bush or an orange tree in bloom!

The air. When it comes to wellness, plants are a pure source of oxygen. This vital element for human beings is emitted during the day by plants and in turn they absorb carbon dioxide in the air. It is especially recommended for closed environments inhabited during the day, such as in offices or workplaces. The air also enjoys a regulated humidity with plants in the environment, due to their perspiration that evaporates the water. In this way, they provide us with a cleaner and healthier air for both our respiratory tract and our skin.

Temperature. They help regulate extreme temperatures in winter by emitting heat, and in summer by providing shade and humidity for greater freshness.

A simple little flower among the cobblestones, it can stop us in the routine to admire its beauty.

Healthy food. It is very common (and recommended!) To grow food at home. It does not take much space, a few pots are enough to have aromatic, green leafy vegetables and others of small and medium size. So we can have the true taste of them, without the suspicion of eating food adulterated with agrochemicals or poisons. I assure you that the flavor is incomparable!

Healthy body. The power of natural medicine is increasingly accepted. From a simple infusion with a little mint, lemon verbena or chamomile to a grandmother’s recipe for strong migraines and many other things. Plants heal our bodies, they nourish our spirits.

Reduce stress. The plants do not know about speed, schedules, commitments. They have their times, their rhythms and we can learn from them. With their calm and parsimony, they know how to transmit us a peace as noble as it is wise. Water with temperance, prune when necessary, give more or less light if the plant asks for it … They lead us to understand their rhythms and put aside the maelstrom of the city and the speed that sometimes we cannot handle alone.

In addition to so many virtues, plants teach us to respect the beings of this planet, to understand that we are not alone and that we need to live with other species to achieve harmony in this life. They allow us to love, share, enjoy, observe and connect.

Why refer to images of other places, to dream landscapes?

Let’s make the city a green landscape!

In our houses, our offices, our balconies, our gardens, our walls … In every corner!

Plants are goodness, they are purity, they are love, they are company … They are LIFE.

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