The main precautions to take with indoor plants in winter

Indoor plants have different needs than plants found in the garden . This includes plants that are outdoors and spend part of the year indoors. It is important that you are aware of the needs of your home plants, as they can wilt, dry out and die if they are treated poorly.

Variants such as frequency and amount of watering, soil quality or exposure to sunlight should be taken into account and studied before purchasing the plant and, if offered a plant, inform yourself properly how to treat it over of the year.
Find out what are the main precautions to take with indoor plants in winter when meeting their needs.

Controlled irrigation

Most indoor plants do not need to be watered as often in winter as in summer. Therefore, it is advisable to know the type of plant and how to test the soil moisture level in order to determine the frequency of watering you need . If the soil is too dry, it is time to water sparingly. Watering too much can damage your plant.

The correct fertilization

Unlike in spring and summer, your plant will not need as much fertilization in winter. Your plant should be fed, but less often and with less organic fertilizer . It is recommended to even dilute the fertilizer. In the months leading up to spring, you can start fertilizing your indoor plants more frequently.

Attention to diseases and pests

As with the rest of the year, you need to look after the health of your plants. Be aware of possible diseases and pests that may arise, that is, check the foliage of your indoor plant frequently. A great help is cleaning the plant.

Cleaning the plant

Take advantage of the winter to properly maintain your plant. Take it to the sink and clean the leaves of the plant in order to free them from dust and other problems so that your indoor plant remains clean, free from pests and so that it breathes better.

Attention to temperature

Your plant’s needs are different in winter. You should study which temperatures are suitable for your indoor plant in winter, during the day and during the night. Temperature is an important factor for the health of your indoor plant.

Adequate humidity

With regard to humidity, you should pay attention to it. Plants need some moisture to stay healthy, but you shouldn’t overdo it. You should place a plate under the gravel pot and some water but make sure that the bottom of the pot is not in direct contact with the water.

The correct treatment of the plant

Your indoor plant must not be in contact with the window glass, it must not be exposed to fans, fans and drafts and, in addition, it must respect the rest of the plant, allowing it to remain in the pot it is in during all winter. When growth appears, already in the spring, it will be your cue to, if applicable, change the pot plant.

Therefore, we can conclude that the maintenance of indoor plants in winter is not too complicated. With some care, you will see that your indoor plant will remain healthy during the winter and will look beautiful and leafy when spring arrives. Pay attention to moderate watering, sparse fertilization, maintaining the health and cleanliness of your plants, as well as the temperature and humidity to which the plant is exposed. With this care, your plant will always be radiant!

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