The nursery

The nursery

The nursery is a business dedicated to the sale of plants and flowers. The nursery, in fact, can be entirely dedicated to floriculture or, as often happens, be organized in areas. As a rule, the nursery has fruit plants, houseplants, seedlings and flowers available. We will also hardly find cut flowers that are typically a product of florists and flower resellers. On the other hand, the presence of a department dedicated to fake flowers and fake plants is increasingly widespread. Peonies, roses, cyclamen, hydrangeas and violets: every type of flower present in nature has been reproduced in PVC and synthetic fiber and is now also available in specialized nurseries. Furthermore, the nursery represents a valid alternative to florists, at least for the purchase of plants.

The nursery and its departments: the alternative to the florist

The nursery, originally conceived as a warehouse for the sale of fruit and sowing plants, has now become a veritable plant boutique. The nursery has everything: indoor and flowering plants. The fact that the nurserymen have specialized in the packaging of plants means that today they represent a valid alternative to florists. It is not necessary to go to the florist on the occasion of an invitation to dinner or an anniversary, the nursery will be able to satisfy our needs. We can opt for the purchase of a plant such as a bonsai, a dwarf mandarin, an orchid or a beautiful begonia. We can choose any type of plant and not the limited selection made by the florist. Add to this the consideration of the expenses incurred:

The nursery: an oasis in the city

To breathe a bit of nature we are all used to waiting for the weekend so we can take refuge in the park or take a trip out of town to find some fresh air. If this possibility is denied to us, perhaps because it is expensive, our desire for nature can also be satisfied with a visit to the nurseryman. The nursery is certainly not a forest or a countryside, but with a little imagination and the right spirit, you can be satisfied with a walk among flowers and plants. Usually the nursery is organized in pavilions or greenhouses and access to each is free and open. At the entrance to the nursery it is possible to have trolleys or hand baskets in which to put the plants we prefer. In the choice we can be guided by our instinct, by sight or smell!

The nursery as an opportunity to attend courses and events

We have already focused on the possibility that the nursery closest to our home becomes an oasis for us in which to take refuge, perhaps to relax with a walk among plants and flowers. courses and lessons open to all are organized in the pavilions or in the nursery rooms. Women are the preferred referents, but nothing prevents men from participating if interested. The courses that we can follow, of course, are dedicated to developing and giving vent to creativity, naturally with plants and flowers. The most popular are those for florists and wedding planners. Many agencies agree with nurserymen the possibility of using spaces and equipment of the nursery during their courses, ensuring the nursery a return of image and

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