The nutritional properties of grapes

The nutritional properties of grapes are of great benefit to our health. They are one of the most nutritious and antioxidant-rich fruits that we must include for a healthy diet. Already in the fourteenth century they were consumed for their highly detoxifying qualities to eliminate waste and improve the health of the kidneys or to combat rheumatic diseases such as arthritis or gout.

The grape, native to the Near East, is the fruit of a climbing plant called vine or grapevine ( Vitis vinifera ) and it can grow up to 20 meters. Grapes can be white or dark purple.

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What nutritional properties do grapes have and benefits of their consumption

  • They are an ideal food to protect and take care of the health of the skin , both by applying them crushed on the skin and leaving them to act for 20 minutes as by ingesting them.
  • Grapes contain resveratrol, a substance with great anticancer action .
  • It has minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium or sodium.
  • Due to their antioxidant action, they fight free radicals, delaying skin aging, as well as cardiovascular and degenerative diseases .
  • They are a natural remedy for varicose veins and are also very effective in eliminating hemorrhoids .
  • Grapes are rich in some vitamins C and group B such as B3, B6 and B9 ( folic acid ), very important to produce white and red blood cells, form antibodies for the immune system , during pregnancy they can prevent spina bifida and alterations of the nervous system, among others.
  • They are an excellent source of energy.
  • Grapes improve circulation and prevent blood clots.
  • Decrease or prevent muscle cramps.
  • They are capable of lowering blood pressure , fighting hypertension in a natural way.
  • They delay or prevent the onset of arteriosclerosis , favoring the good condition of the arteries and the heart.
  • The seeds of the grape also have great properties that are very beneficial for health.
  • They reduce the chances of suffering from cataracts and take care of eye health.
  • It has a slight laxative effect , avoiding constipation .
  • Grapes are highly recommended for cases of gout, arthritis or even kidney stones, since it favors the elimination of uric acid.
  • They fight fluid retention due to their diuretic action and facilitate their elimination.

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