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S orprender guests and make the day unforgettable are the objectives

When we organize a celebration event we do it with great enthusiasm and we think about all the details: the dress, the date, the venue, the menu, the props , the table decorations, the photos, the music, the details for The guests…

There is a detail that never fails and maintains tradition over time. These are the bridal pins whose origin is uncertain. It is received by single women as a symbol of wish for good luck and protection, and that it brings them the perfect candidate . The point is that every time we find more elaborate and elegant designs in this gift gift, as well as others with more contemporary and friendly figures.

The communion details have also been renewed. Gone are the reminder stamps that went directly to a drawer . Now what is carried is something more practical. In the case of communions, we must not forget that the protagonists are the children, that there will be many of them and that the decoration must be adapted, in addition to not forgetting aspects such as having children’s entertainment activities. The best thing is to turn to professionals in the sector who will know how to guide us about the decoration details that will be a sure hit.

Christening celebrations are with their own characteristics. Here my baptism letters triumph , which have also become essential at weddings and communions. These are texts or initials in porexpan, more popularly known as cork, ideal for decorating the entrance to the celebration or any corner of it.

When we organize a celebration we have a very long list of topics that must be taken into account and each one of the details takes a lot of time. That is why the smartest thing is to resort to an online site as a detail world in which you can find all the elements that are needed for decoration without having to visit establishments, comfortably from home in slippers, and also doing it as a family with the opinion of all.

The most beautiful trends

Remember that if it is an afternoon celebration, you must take into account the importance of lights in the decoration. They produce a magical and elegant effect in equal parts. Celebrations framed by thousands of light bulbs framing the space and forming a very special backdrop.

Also in the cocktail area, lights are brought to light illuminating words, the name of the honoree or the initials of the bride and groom. Some neon lights, bulbs or LEDs will be enough but if it is also combined with balloons much better.

The centerpieces have to be spectacular but without stealing too much space. They can be combined with candles as long as they are not children’s tables.

Colors to consider

We have also evolved in that. At the tables, not only white or pastel tones prevail. Flowers introduce newer colors that are also beginning to appear on tableware.

Find your site

Original ideas for presenting lists with tables for guests have been widespread for some time . The increasingly vintage decorative background is gaining importance. The trend is to make individual cards with the different tables and hang them with clips surrounded by flowers or decoration based on some thematic inspiration. It can also be written on a blackboard. They are simple details but that make a difference from the beginning of a celebration.

Ultimately the details count, they are important and taking them into consideration is not that difficult.

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