The tasks of the ecological garden in July

The month of July is the main month of summer. As for temperatures, it is usual that during this time of year they are around 35-40º maximum during the day. We are going to see how to manage the tasks of the organic garden during this period.

These high temperatures can cause fruit trees and vegetables to suffer the ravages of heat, so we must increase watering during these weeks to cause the least possible water stress. The irrigation is one of the most important tasks during this time of the year because of the water supply will depend on the correct development of fruits and vegetables.

There are three types of garden irrigation that are used frequently:

In furrow irrigation, the space between ridge and ridge is flooded.

Drip irrigation is ideal for vegetables and is being used more and more than furrow irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation is also used in orchards. Disadvantage: wetting leaves and fruits favors the development of fungi.

But here you can see more about irrigation .

Another important task is to collect or harvest daisy, mallow or rose flowers from which we can make tonics, etc. for therapeutic and cosmetic use. We also collect seeds from peas , carrots , beans  or spinach . We will also have to collect garlic , basil , onions , barley, aubergines , endive , spelled, currants, raspberries, blueberries , chickpeas, lavender , thyme , peppers , tomatoes ,cabbages , squash , zucchini , lima beans , watermelons, and melons.

Remember that it is essential to sow aromatic and medicinal plants together with vegetables so that they help us form a balanced ecosystem attracting beneficial insects and removing those that can cause us damage in the garden, Read more here

We can also sow chard , endive , spinach , leeks , red cabbage , beets , thistles, parsnips or strawberries . Look at the sowing calendar

Another task that we must pay attention to is the plants that may need treatment. Tutoring consists of placing sticks, canes or stakes near the plants so that they can grow vertically and not lying on the ground, damaging themselves when being stepped on, thus saving space in the garden. It is an essential practice to keep the plant upright, since some stems, such as peppers, break easily.

They are used in the cultivation of peas or peas, cucumber, tomato, pepper, etc. There are several ways to do them from the simple to the most complex. In general, sticks are used as posts, as well as ropes or other materials that will hold them at the base and around the stem. Keep reading about the tutored
As for pests, it is very easy to make your own preparations to combat them and to improve the general condition of the plants, see here

And if you are going to take advantage of the summer to start a garden, planning must be very careful to get the most out of the available land. Take a look at this article

To know more about soils, fertility, seeds, permaculture, pests, urban garden, etc. Check out this compilation of tips and information articles .

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