The therapeutic properties of orange essential oil and how to make it at home

The health benefits of orange essential oil  can be attributed to its properties as anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, tonic, sedative and cholagogue.

Orange essential oil has a wide variety of domestic, industrial, and medicinal uses. On the food level, it is used to flavor orange drinks, desserts and sweets. Industrially, it is used in soaps, body lotions, anti-aging creams and also in concentrates for non-alcoholic beverages, air fresheners, aerosols, deodorants, cookies, chocolates, sweets and bakery products.

This essential oil is obtained from orange peels by cold compression. Although we all know the common name of oranges, it is not very common to know its botanical name,  Citrus Sinensis  . The main components of this oil are alpha pinene, citronellal, Geranial, sabinene, myrcene, limonene, linalol and neral.

Health benefits of orange essential oil

Anti-inflammatory: orange essential oil provides quick and effective relief from inflammation, whether internal or external. Regardless of the reason, whether it is an excessive intake, fever, infections, side effects of antibiotics, gases, the ingestion of toxic substances or narcotics, orange essential oil can reduce irritation and pain.

Antidepressant: The very smell of orange essential oil brings pleasant thoughts to mind. This is why this oil is used so often in aromatherapy. Creates a happy, relaxed feeling that works as a mood booster, perfect for people suffering from chronic depression or anxiety.

Antispasmodic:  Spasms can cause many irritating or more serious problems such as continuous coughing, seizures, muscle cramps, and extreme diarrhea. To avoid these effects, spasms must be treated early or prevented entirely. This can be done with the help of orange essential oil, which relaxes muscle and nerve spasms.

Aphrodisiac: Orange essential oil has mild aphrodisiac properties. Systematic and regular use can cure problems such as frigidity, erection problems, impotence, loss of interest in sex, and decreased libido.

Antiseptic: Orange essential oil can prevent infections as it inhibits microbial growth and disinfects wounds.

Carminative: helps in the elimination of excess gases in the intestines. These gases, which form in the intestines and push up, can be very annoying, pushing against the internal organs causing chest pain, indigestion and discomfort. It can also cause an increase in blood pressure, negatively affect heart health, and cause severe stomach pains. Orange essential oil can help with many of these problems, as it relaxes the abdominal muscles, thus promoting the expulsion of gases. Moreover, it leaves no additional gas form.

Diuretic:  Orange oil can effectively remove toxins from the body as well. It promotes the elimination of fluids, which eliminates toxins such as uric acid, bile, excess salts, pollutants and excess water in the body.

Tonic : tones each system so that the entire body functions properly, maintains the metabolic system in proper form, contributes to strength and increases immunity.

Sedatives:  Orange oil is a natural option to relieve anxiety, anger, depression and certain body inflammations.

Colagogo:  Promotes the secretions of all glands, including exocrine and endocrine. Therefore, it is frequently used to promote menstruation, lactation, digestive juices, bile, hormones and enzymes.

Other Benefits:  It acts as a detoxifier, boosts immunity, treats constipation and dyspepsia and is very good for keeping skin healthy, smooth and young. It also helps cure acne and dermatitis.

A few words of warning:  Its taste is bitter and if ingested in large quantities, it can lead to vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite.

Blend:  Being a citrus oil, it blends well with other essential citrus oils. Apart from those citrus oils, orange essential oil also mixes well with the essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, frankincense, ginger, Black pepper, Sandalwood, etc.

How to make orange essential oil

To make essential orange oil you need:

  • Orange peels, very important that they are organically grown.
  • A glass jar
  • Vodka
  • Strainer
  • Mortar


  1. Wash and dry the orange peels very well.
  2. Put them in the glass jar and cover them with the vozka, more or less, we need about 100 ml of vozka for each large orange. So if you have, for example, the peels of 3 oranges you will need 300ml of vozka.
  3. Cover the jar and make sure the skins are well mixed with the vozka. We will leave the jar for two weeks in a kitchen cupboard and every day we will shake it well for a few minutes.
  4. When two weeks have passed, we strain with the help of a strainer or a cloth and to take advantage of the orange as much as possible, we are going to extract all the liquid from the peels with the mortar.
  5. You will notice that orange essential oil gives off a pleasant orange smell and color. To lose the alcohol, we must leave it uncovered in an airy area. After several days like this, when we see that it no longer smells of alcohol, we can transfer it to a glass jar with a lid where we can keep it for up to 2 years.

To apply orange essential oil you can do it in several ways:

– Use a few drops on a burner to set the room, or even leave a cloth with a few drops inside a closet.

– Adding it to bath water

– Applying it locally on the affected area, preferably diluted with vegetable oil, such as sweet almond oil.

Citrus essential oils are photosensitive, so their use is not recommended during the day, they can cause spots on the skin. It is better to use them at night. .

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