The use of ashes in Organic Agriculture

The uses of ash in the organic garden and garden are various. On the one hand, the ashes help us to fight pests and on the other hand we take advantage of the nutrients that the ashes contribute to the soil or substrate . The ashes are obtained from the combustion of firewood or wood that does not contain varnishes or paints. We are going to learn more about the uses of ash in organic farming.

Ashes for garden and garden pests and diseases

The ashes are easy to handle and apply, both in orchards and gardens, to protect horticultural and ornamental plants from the attack of pests and diseases.

Among the most common pests that we can combat with ashes we can highlight the worms and plague of slugs or limacos and snails . Sprinkle ash around the stem of the plants drawing a circle and another wider line delimiting the path to the crops that will prevent access to snails, slugs and worms.

As for diseases, ashes are a very useful natural remedy for those caused by fungi . To use the ashes for this purpose, we only need to sprinkle the ashes on the leaves, stems, flowers, etc. affected by fungi. Another way to use the ash is to prepare a paste or cream and apply it to the affected areas or to the areas that we want to prevent contagion.

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Ashes to fertilize the soil

The other main use of ash in organic farming or gardening is to take advantage of its qualities to improve the quality of the soil and increase its fertility.

The ashes provide good amounts of potassium, the macronutrient most demanded by plants after nitrogen. Potassium favors foliage and fruit growth and improves plant tolerance in the absence of water. Read more about the nutrients plants need .

The ash also neutralizes the acidity of the soil and also has the characteristic of stimulating the activity of bacteria that fix nitrogen in the soil.

Therefore, ash can be a natural and homemade option for improving the structure of the soil and increasing its fertility.

To use the ashes we only have to mix up to 1 kilogram of ash per square meter with the earth. Do it preferably before planting horticultural and ornamental plants that require substrates rich in organic matter. Here you can get more information about the nutrient needs of plants. .

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