The wheelbarrow

The common wheelbarrow

Let’s start with a classic: the normal wheelbarrow, which we see everywhere and in common garden works. It has a main wheel or sometimes two wheels on each side, it favors the operator’s thrust thanks to two handles that continue to become the shafts connected to the wheel axis. To ensure that it stands up it has two metal supports, on which it stabilizes when it is stationary, while to accommodate the loads it is equipped with the so-called box, in steel or reinforced plastic depending on the model, in any case in materials suitable for bearing the weather conditions in case we leave the wheelbarrow exposed. Unlike the more sophisticated versions, buying a basic product like this does not involve a huge expense, indeed the price is very affordable and it is not difficult to find it around.

Folding wheelbarrows

Do you have a garage so full that you can barely get through, or do you just need to do small gardening tasks? There is something that is right for you: the folding wheelbarrow. Obviously it is a completely different product, in the sense that we cannot think of using it for heavy loads and heavy jobs; however, if you dedicate yourself to chores such as collecting leaves, small twigs or annoying weeds there is nothing to say: the tool leaves you satisfied! From the structural point of view it is a metal skeleton, with comfortable handles to hold, which holds open a simple canvas bag, very often provided with several pockets for tools or other. Thanks to its lightness and practicality, if you want you can also load it in the car and, why not, use it to collect chestnuts!

Tracked wheelbarrows

As the name implies, this type of wheelbarrows advance by rolling on their tracks, with an ease in dealing with even rough terrain similar to that of agricultural machinery. They are products that fall into the category of the next paragraph, as they are equipped with an electric or petrol engine, but are of less interest to common gardening as they are more specific for work on construction sites, where mud, snow or bad roads are often encountered. The permitted load in some cases reaches even 800 kilos thanks to the large tipping body, usually made of steel. In extreme cases, the frequent presence of a platform on which the worker can remain while driving the wheelbarrow can be useful, thus avoiding placing his feet in dangerous or unpleasant places.

Motorized wheelbarrows

Directly from the “novelty section”, motorized wheelbarrows have been introduced to make work even easier, through the integration of an electric or petrol engine, which makes them move without the need to push; some are even silent, with few maintenance difficulties and easy to maneuver even on steep or uneven ground. Normally these wheelbarrows can support a load of 300 to 500 kilos. We find models that allow you to manually overturn the body through a lever, or still others that have a trigger to disable the engine and use the wheelbarrow in the traditional way. Often in wheelbarrows with electric motor it is possible to check the battery status, visibly shown, moreover these motors do not give chemical pollution and are therefore ecological.

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