These are the greenhouse plants you should know

A greenhouse will always be a good resource for a gardener and is appropriate for the garden, the gazebo or the terrace. Read on for the most beautiful greenhouse plants that can be grown year-round.

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Greenhouse plants


A small greenhouse can be used to grow summer greenhouse plants . You can also get peppers, tomatoes and aubergines, and maybe some pot plants of those that usually bloom in spring like the Cinerarias and Primroses. If you love flowers you can try to obtain them from some spring groups such as the Hyacinth, the Tulip and the Narcissus. These should be planted in a bowl or in autumn and placed in the greenhouse only when the roots are very well developed and the shoots reach 2.5 cm.

If you don’t have heating in your greenhouse, you can grow tomatoes, aubergines and peppers . Buy young plants and plant them in mid-May, once they have run the risk of frost.


If you have enough space for tomatoes, grow a few pots of greenhouse chrysanthemums , which will grow outdoors in the summer and will be sheltered from the cold in the greenhouse in the fall after the tomatoes are harvested.


This will be the best time to plant winter lettuces and sow spring onions, radishes, and mustard. Plant the bulbs so they bloom in spring.


A small heated greenhouse will be the perfect place for delicate plants such as Begonias, Dahlias , Gladioli, etc. It will also be worth making room for some potted plants that bloom in winter, such as Azaleas, Cyclamen, Winter Cherry, Winter Begonias, and decorative peppers.

How to care for greenhouse plants?

To care for greenhouse plants , you will need to heat the greenhouse very quickly in spring and summer when the sun is very bright. Their temperatures can skyrocket and cause severe damage to plants, so proper ventilation is essential.

In spring and summer it is advisable to place some type of shading to maintain temperatures and prevent the plants from being burned by the sun. Another possibility is to paint the exterior walls of the greenhouse with some liquid material that provides shade. However, if you decide on the latter, you will prevent light from penetrating the greenhouse when the day is cloudy.

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