Tips to kill garden ants

Whether you are in the country or in the city, ants can colonize your space if you do not manage to stop them in time, since they reproduce everywhere. So at Garden Center Ejea,  concerned about your well-being, it has excellent products  to drive away or kill ants.

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Why eliminate the ant plague

  • Ants can be warriors in any environment thanks to their defense capacity, social behavior and adaptation.
  • Ants produce pheromones as a trail form to point the way to a food source. And still dead they give off pheromones that attract others.
  • Gatherer ants attack together until their prey disappears.
  • There is a species of ant whose venom causes intense pain and could be serious in people who are allergic.
  • Most species eat everything.
  • They can kill grass seeding and even attack plant roots and leaves.
  • They are capable of installing nests under the pavement, generating other types of pests.
  • Being able to get rid of the ant plague is not easy, but it is possible to prevent it from spreading.

How to kill ants

  • There are thousands of treatments to keep track of pests . Perhaps the most effective are the baits in different formats such as powder or liquid.
  • The most common bait is flour with sugar that is incorporated with borax or boric acid. Another treatment can be ground canine feed with 1% fipronil.
  • It can also be useful to pour boiling water into the anthill to be able to kill most of the colony and even exterminate the queen.
  • Another way to eliminate the ant hills  that are in the pavements, is sealing with cement.
  • To protect the plants from ants, barriers are placed on the trunks to prevent their passage and to destroy the leaves, flowers or fruits.
  • In addition, there are natural ant repellants such as the decoction of lavender leaves, crushed garlic remedy, vinegar and lemon, among others.

So if you notice signs of this pest in the garden , do not hesitate to fight it in time. Now if you have other tips, do not hesitate to share them.

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