Tolmiea, an easy-to-grow indoor plant

The Tolmiea is a genus that has only one species better known as Tolmiea menziesii . This attractive perennial plant usually forms a compact hillock approximately 15 cm high. Its leaves are bright green. The seedlings grow on the surface of the leaves at their junction with the stem. Afterwards, the leaves rest on the surface of the earth and the roots of the seedlings penetrate the same to form new plants. This houseplant is ideal for growing in hanging baskets .

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Tolmiea care in spring and summer

Change the container Tolmiea every year into a regular compost, planting it in a larger container, only when the roots have saturated the interior. Tolmiea will tolerate a wide variation in temperature, but you should consider that it tends to wilt, so it is preferable to keep it in a cool place, limiting its summer temperature to 21 ° C. If the temperature rises higher, it is best to place the plant in a shady place outside the house.

Provide bright, filtered light, away from full sun, but perfectly suited to shade. Correct ventilation will also be very important. Water it freely, but only to keep the compost moist, and add a liquid fertilizer every 15 days in spring and summer.

Caring for the Tolmiea in autumn and winter

The Tolmiea will develop perfectly in winter at a temperature of 7-30 ° C with adequate air circulation, although you will have to keep it away from cold drafts. It prefers bright light, although it can thrive in low light. Water it moderately so that the compost stays just moist.

Propagation of the Tolmiea

Tolmiea spreads easily . Cut the leaves of the seedlings that are well developed in spring or summer, leaving about 1 inch of stem. Put the leaves in a mixture made up of equal parts of coarse sand and peat. Dampen it and bury the stem in this mixture, leaving the sprouting part of the seedlings on the surface.

Keep the compost barely moist, at normal temperature, and in bright light until new growth indicates roots. After those two to three weeks, treat the plants with mature plants, but leave them six weeks before planting them in the usual compost, either in hanging baskets or in individual containers.

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