Tradescantia fluminensis, a plant of great resistance and incomparable beauty

Tradescantia fluminensis  also known as Man’s Love, Quesadillo or Cat’s Ear . It belongs to the Commelináceas family, of the Tradescantia genus, made up of about 70 species of perennial and herbaceous plants. It is native to the East of South America, Argentina and Brazil.

Tradescantia fluminensis characteristics

Erect plant. The stems are creeping that take root in the nodes.

The leaves are lanceolate, narrowly elliptical and a little fleshy, somewhat purple on the underside and glabrous.

The inflorescences bractaeles of small white or pale pink flowers, of low ornamental value. Flowers from March to August.

The fruit is a loculicidal capsule.

Tradescantia fluminensis care

It is a plant that can be cultivated as an ornamental, in hanging baskets  or pots, since this way it could take better advantage of its beauty.

It is a very resistant specimen without special care.

It needs to be in shady places at a temperature between 10 and 12˚C. But it requires light, otherwise they become more elongated and the leaves lose their variegation to the point of turning completely green.

As for the soil, it must be moist, sandy and well drained,

Transplantation will need to be carried out in spring through fall, only when necessary.

Watering should be moderate to keep it moist. But if the temperature is low, it should be suspended. You can be neglected a bit and it does not affect you

The fertilizer should be done every 15 days with a mineral fertilizer.

Pruning should be done at ground level so that it can be rejuvenated and more compact.

The pests that could damage it are the mealybug, the spider mite and the aphid, as well as certain parasites.

The diseases that could cause harm are Botrytis (if there is a lot of moisture in stems and leaves) and Rust.

It is propagated by dividing the tillers in the spring and cuttings in the spring.

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Images courtesy of: Ettore Balocchi , John Tann

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