Tuff bricks

The characteristics of the tuff: advantages and contraindications of the material

Tuff is particularly used in construction because it is a very light material and therefore it can be used in various ways. The tuff bricks are very porous, so the process of laying on the ground is much easier, as the cement mortar is immediately taken. In addition, they are very permeable and over time release the moisture absorbed into the environment. The tuff bricks, compared to the common and perforated ones, have a higher level of insulation and therefore do not let the heat through. Even if they are very crumbly, they hold up well the compression, therefore the tuff bricksthey allow the creation of very light but also very resistant structures. In addition, since it is a very easy material to work with, you can give the structure to your needs. Finally, the tuff bricks harmonize very well with the garden and with the environment in general.

The use of tuff bricks in garden constructions

The tuff bricks used in gardens and buildings must be particularly resistant to atmospheric agents (especially at base temperatures), be free of organic remains, be water resistant and be compatible with cement mortar. Tuff bricks of this kind are made with well-settled rocks, as they must be hard and compact. The tuff bricks can be used to cover the external walls of the house or of the low walls, to obtain remarkable aesthetic effects. They can be used to pave both the paths and the driveways of the gardens. Tuff bricks are also used for the creation of boundary walls, whose installation will be done using dry mortar. Furthermore, they can easily be used to make wells, outdoor kitchens and barbecues.

Paths and walls made with tuff bricks

As for paving with tuff bricks in your garden, its implementation is very simple: first of all, you will have to make a bed of sand on which to lay the bricks. Subsequently, a mixture of cement and sand or soil must be poured into the interstices between one brick and another. If, on the other hand, you want to create a low wall to delimit parts of the garden, the assembly process can also be carried out cold. The procedure is the common one: a layer of lime, about two centimeters high, must be spread with a trowel. Then lay a layer of tuff bricks, followed by a layer of lime, a second coat of bricks and so on. It is better not to carry out any plastering intervention, because the tuff, by its very characteristic,

Tuff bricks: The adaptability of tuff bricks to your needs

A characteristic of tuff is that its appearance improves over time, unlike what happens for all other types of bricks. Any construction made using tuff bricks will not need maintenance for a long time. Another characteristic of tuff is, as already mentioned, the fact that it is easily workable: the tuff bricks, therefore, are easily shaped and therefore can be used as curbs and dividers. They are in fact used to enclose the flower beds of your garden or to limit the paths or to enclose the vegetable gardens. In this case, you can adapt the tuff bricks to your needs by cutting them with a special saw. Tuff saws feature a trapezoidal blade and two handles, and are very similar to those used to cut wood.

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