Up to 60 million euros of fine for those who supply themselves with electricity without paying Iberdrola

The government’s new energy reform will have many side effects. Among them, that of creating a new group of outlaws: the “solar criminals.” This is clear from the Royal Decree (RD) on self-consumption and production with self-consumption made public. In it, whoever has a solar panel on their roof or any other renewable electricity production system of their own must register to start paying the new “ backup toll ” (a term coined by Iberdrola). Whoever does not do so may be penalized up to 60 million euros.

The disproportionate measure is evident and it can only respond to the demand of the large electricity companies, with Iberdrola at the helm (# Tepillamosiberdrola ). The intention is to root out any possibility of energy autonomy for consumers , which would go against the economic interests of Iberdrola and the rest of the UNESA companies. It would only be necessary for more and more citizens to start generating their own electricity at home (which is now cheaper) and will stop consuming that which comes from the gas, coal or nuclear power plants of these large companies. What audacity!

This RD will have consequences. The first: many people will directly remove the solar panels from their roofs . Although it will also have the opposite effect: it will make others decide not to comply with the norm and they will be considered solar criminals. Despite the fact that the sun belongs to everyone, Spain will become the first country in the world where it cannot be used freely. And this thanks to Iberdrola and UNESA. But the worst thing is that it has been ratified by legal text by our Government.

Unfortunately, the DR on self-consumption is not the only one that aims to end the renewable and sustainable future of our country . In two weeks the Government, via the National Energy Commission, has sent 14 normative texts that want to be the “definitive” energy reform. In an exercise of lack of transparency and participation, they want citizens and consumers to accept an absurdity of such caliber. If these rules and laws are finally validated, they will take us back to the tail wagon on energy issues. For this reason, Greenpeace and the rest of environmental organizations have made known to the Government their outright rejection of the reform . From Greenpeace we are going to continue working to return Spain to the path it led, and which is now being followed by countries such as Germany or Denmark. That is, to achieve an efficient, intelligent and 100% renewable energy system as soon as possible.

Julio Barea @juliobarea, head of Greenpeace’s Energy and Climate Change campaign

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