Vacuum leaves

The work of gardening

Gardening is a hobby that is already widespread all over the world, but which finds more and more people enthusiastic about approaching it definitively as almost a lifestyle; it starts from a love for nature and for plants in particular, which culminates in the commitment to grow, care for, take care of every aspect of life and the growth of the plants we have in the garden or even in pots on the balcony of the house. Also known with the nice name of “green thumb”, gardening is an activity that not only binds us to plants and nature, but also favors physical activity and also the release of psychological stress. In fact, the body is called to perform small unusual jobs, which precisely because of their characteristic “wake it up”, as well as engage it without realizing it, because they are not heavy activities but are many small interesting things.

Tools for work

As with any recreational activity, hobby or other, gardening also requires that you use tools exclusively designed for this activity; however, fortunately they derive from the ancestor of gardening, that is from working in the fields: the spade, the shovel, the hoe, the wheelbarrow, the rake and little else are basic tools of our culture, from the simple operating principle and the costs of ‘reduced purchase and zero maintenance ones. And this is also strange, because many objects for hobbies are often expensive because they are niche, while it is evident that these tools are not because if we look well in our garages we will certainly find something. Recently, however, technological research has given life to many mechanized tools, or the evolutions of the shovel, spade and so on in a mechanical key, in order to increase productivity by lightening the physical work they required. And for this reason motor hoes, lawn mowers and all those automatic tools were born that have been designed and built primarily for commercial agriculture (with the aim of increasing productivity and competitiveness), but which have then been reduced in scale and power to be able to adapt also to our gardens and to the small needs of passionate green thumbs.

Vacuum leaves

The leaf vacuum is one of the mechanized gardening tools that has evolved from the historical basic tools; in particular, the leaf vacuum replaces the club with a broom and the bucket, as its operating principle allows you to vacuum the leaves and small residues on the ground, collecting them in a container directly connected to the tool. All this is possible thanks to a motor that moves an aspirator with pump or fan, in order to generate an aspirating air with the necessary force to attract leaves, small branches and other garden waste. In general, the leaf vacuum can work both with an internal combustion engine and with an electric motor; the first is the one used first, with rougher and noisier operation but also with excellent reliability and also economy of purchase and management. The second, on the other hand, of a more modern and ecological conception, in theory offers more comfort and silence, but also less autonomy due to the limited duration of the batteries. Instead, the actual shape can be the one with a tube terminal, to be moved manually in the places to be cleaned, or with a terminal similar to the electric broom at home, that is, to be “guided” between the various spaces of the garden.

Other tools and models

The leaf vacuum is distinguished in several models, even if we have already listed the main distinctive features in the previous paragraph, namely the power supply of the motor and the type of terminal. The only subsequent distinction may be in the exterior design (which is not important in the field of agriculture, while it is very important in that of gardening) but above all in the performance, or in the suction power; and this greatly affects the ability to use our tool, because the greater power allows you to vacuum and remove more material and more types of material, thus avoiding the classic second “hand” by hand with a broom and bucket because the tool sucks leaveshe was unable to pick them up from the ground and there they remained. The same argument can also be valid for the other mechanized garden tools, which were created to facilitate the work of gardening but which are widely distinguished by characteristics and capabilities; already the same lawnmowers, perhaps the classic of gardening, can guarantee more or less precise cuts, more or less various height adjustments, more or less wide cutting range and many other things, including the autonomy of the electric and the noise of the internal combustion engine.

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