Viridea cusago

History and philosophy

The Viridea garden center was born in 1997 with the idea of ​​creating a welcoming place where all nature lovers could meet to give free rein to their passions. Each center consists of welcoming, natural spaces, there are benches, gardens, ponds, areas for the little ones, refreshment areas. In short, it is a world where you can relax having at your fingertips every type of article that a gardening, animal or DIY enthusiast could wish for. It is from a great professionalism that combined with a lot of determination that this chain of garden centers is born. The one in Cusago is one of the structures belonging to this highly successful group of stores. The Viridea Cusago Garden Center is open every day including holidays and is located near Milan with a total area of ​​35,000 square meters of which 5.

Services and articles

The Viridea Cusago Garden Center is the right place for all lovers and connoisseurs of the animal and plant kingdom. Each service, event, program revolves around nature. Among the services and items offered by this structure we find:

– everything you need for the care of the green

-lots of types of plants

– very many species of animals

-articles for the house and the garden

-It is also possible to rent items such as floral decorations that can be used for a specific occasion

– you can use the home delivery service if you are unable to reach the center or simply for a matter of convenience

– there is a qualified staff always available, courteous and attentive to the needs of visitors – also for payments there are different solutions that can be paid in installments through personalized financing

– exchange the goods where there are problems or if the customer is not satisfied

-there is the possibility of having beautiful gift boxes

Courses and training

The Viridea Garden Center in Cusago offers the opportunity to all its customers to participate in free courses and seminars aimed at learning certain techniques and skills. These demonstration meetings allow the less experienced to grasp the secrets to obtain satisfactory results in the creation of a garden, in the care of plants, animals and useful tips for the home. Having a vegetable garden, or a terrace or a garden or simply a house means always having something to do, clean, cultivate, sow, prune, take care of and you don’t always know the ways to do it in the right way. The Viridea Garden Center in Cusago tries through courses and demonstrations to explain both the correct use of certain tools and how to manage the growth of a plant, the nourishment of animals,

Viridea cusago: Work with us

All those who collaborate with the Viridea Garden Center in Cusago are moved by the same passion for a healthy, balanced life, who support respect for nature and for animals, ecology, who love to share their culture and their modus vivendi with other people. For this philosophy, the Viridea Garden Center in Cusago is constantly looking for people to be included in its professional staff. The selection of these profiles as well as an analysis of skills will result in a careful investigation of the values ​​and spirit of collaboration, humility and honesty. These are the values ​​to which Viridea aspires. Those who choose to work with Viridea must obviously aspire to economic gratification but it must not be the only push, the passion for this must have the same weight as the gain.

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