Viscum album, a plant associated with Christmas

Viscum album also known as Mistletoe, Visco, White mistletoe or League . It belongs to the Viscaceae family and is native to Europe, a species from the Iberian Peninsula.

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Viscum album characteristics

Semi-woody, evergreen and parasitic plant that can reach a height of about 50 cm to 1 m.

It branches into several stems that are divided dichotomously. It has no roots but chlorophyll.

The leaves are persistent, sitting, lanceolate to spatulate, opposite, leathery in consistency and light green in color.

The flowers are female and male. They appear in axillary and terminal position, yellow in color.

The fruit is a sessile, whitish, globose berry with a viscous content.

The seeds  are greenish in color. It has part of that viscosity to stick to the host fruit where it can germinate.

Viscum album care

It grows in bunches on the trunks and from them it obtains the sustenance to be able to live.

That is, its roots do not emit them in the ground, but in the parasitic plant that steals its sap.

The branches are often filled with parasites. But if they are not controlled, they will weaken a lot until making it vulnerable in case of pest attack.

It is a species that needs to be in semi-shade and is able to tolerate the cold.

As for irrigation and fertilizer, you can get it from the tree that parasitizes.

It multiplies by means of seeds that are deposited in the bark of the host plant


  • The Druids collected at the solstices, so it must have remained as a Christmas plant when it coincided with the winter solstice.
  • In the Christmas tradition it is said that a woman who receives a kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve will find the love she is looking for or will keep the one she has.
  • The seeds are eaten by the birds, which when defecating during the flight fall, which allows them to be hooked on the branches and, with it, to root.
  • Being a species with homeostatic properties, it is effective in stopping bleeding if it is put on the affected area. In addition, it relieves sciatica or lumbago

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