What are organic products? How do I know that a product is ecological?

What are ecological or organic products ? Are organic products better for the environment and health? How do I know that a product is ecological? What ecological certifying seals are there? And it is that when we think about organic products, doubts about them may come to us.

We are going to answer these common questions and thus be able to have a clearer idea about organic products.

What are ecological or organic products?

Ecological products are those that have been produced based on regulations that seek to care for and protect the environment, as well as tastier and more nutritious foods. For the production of organic food, the use of pesticides or other synthetic products, such as fertilizers, hormones, medicines, etc. is not allowed. Of course, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are not used.

Organic food and products pass more security controls than conventional ones, that is why we have the guarantee that they are safer for health.

For example, in the European Union are set are the prerequisites that a product must fulfill in order to bear a stamp certifying it as organic are .

These regulations cover the entire process: from the production of food, its preparation, its handling, packaging, etc. The objective is to obtain a natural product, without toxins. Do you want to know what else this regulation says? Read more about European Regulation on organic products

Are organic products better for you?

In the case of organic foods, studies carried out on them show that they have a higher content of vitamins and minerals than conventional products.

  • For example, in this post about whether organic foods are better for your health, we tell you that this type of food has a higher antioxidant content. These compounds are associated with preventing disease and delaying aging. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the food we eat to have a good antioxidant content ? They also have a higher content of other important nutrients for our body to function correctly, such as the well-known Omega 3 .


  • As we all know, diet affects people’s weight. As we told you in the article on How organic foods can help prevent obesity , the relationship between organic food and weight was studied. This study concluded that people who eat more organic food are more likely to be at their ideal weight and to prevent obesity and overweight, a pandemic today especially among children.


  • A comprehensive European Parliament Report on Organic Foods concludes that they are healthier, more nutritious and that organic production is more sustainable and therefore better for the environment.


  • On the other hand, they have more flavor and smell and their appearance is much more natural than that of conventional products. In other words, its organoleptic qualities are more pleasant and superior than in the case of conventional foods. For this reason, organic foods are not only appreciated for their nutritional value but have also become the essential raw material for preparing tasty recipes that satisfy the most exquisite palates.


  • As no pesticides or other synthetic products are used when growing organic food, as long as you eat organic food you can be sure that you are not ingesting a dangerous cocktail of pesticide residues that accumulate in your body every day. Over time, these toxins are capable of causing us damage, from migraines, allergies, to heart conditions, Parkinson’s, etc.


  • Do you want to know what impact conventional foods have on your body? Well, I leave you the link to this article. What happens to these families after 1 week eating only organic food that you are going to be shocked. Especially when we have children at home, we feel responsible for offering them the best that we have within our reach.


  • And if you commit to taking care of yourself and nature, the advice that we offer you in the post 12 tips for a sustainable and healthy diet will come in handy . Surely you will be able to put each of these points into practice and feel better for what you do for your health and for the Earth.

The organic farming and agro – ecology , unlike conventional agriculture, protects the environment and promotes biodiversity. Methods and techniques are used that follow the rhythms of nature and not against it. It is a way of producing sustainable food that has been carried out for thousands of years in which it has fed the entire population. Read more about the benefits of organic farming

How do I know that a product is ecological?

Both in food products and in cosmetic products, garden products, etc. on numerous occasions the consumer is deceived. How? It plays with the ambiguity of terms such as “natural”, “100%” or even sometimes directly the “ecological”, “ECO”, “organic” and “BIO” are used in visible parts of the product, but if we look for the seal that certifies that a product is ecological , we are surprised to see that it is not. Below you have examples of ecological stamps in Spain, Europe and other countries.

Look at the seal that certifies its status as an organic product. Even in the products that we buy in bulk, their origin and certification must be specified on the container that contains them. This information must always be visible to the consumer.

In addition to the seals granted by the certifying and control bodies for organic products , there are other alternative ways that assure you that you are acquiring a product that is non-toxic, healthy and friendly to your environment. We are talking about Participatory Guarantee Systems .

What ecological certifying seals are there?

I would like you to take a look at this complete article on Organic Food Labeling , in which I give you more details that may interest you.

These are different stamps that you can find in Spain:

* Certifying seal of each Autonomous Community

ecological seal * Ecological seal of Europe

european seal


These are ecological stamps from other countries:

ecological stamps

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