What are pistachios good for? 12 excellent reasons to eat these nuts


The nuts are a truly great food. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends including them to have a healthy diet and their frequent intake is associated with lower mortality.

Nuts, including pistachios , are the most complete and healthy foods we can find.

But be careful, to avoid residues of pesticides, herbicides and other harmful synthesis products that are used during pistachio cultivation, from ECOagricultor we recommend Ecological Pistachios for your health and that of the environment .

The nutritional value of pistachios is exceptional

For every 100 grams of pistachio we have 50 grams of fat, 18 of vegetable protein, 16 grams of carbohydrates, 6.5 grams of fiber and 9 grams of water.

Pistachios give us 595 kcal. per 100 grams.

As for the vitamins and minerals that pistachios contain, you can see in this table the amounts they have per 100 grams and the approximate recommended daily amounts for women, men and children.

pistachios nutritional value

Carbajal A. Unit 2. Recommended intakes of energy and nutrients 2003. (ISBN: 84-9773-023-2). Updated 2017

Are pistachios fattening?

Nuts in general are those foods (like bananas , avocados or grapes ) on which the false belief that they are fattening rests.

Today we can find many studies that conclude that an intake of 30 to 50 grams or even higher of nuts several times a week or daily does not cause weight gain and that they can even help in weight loss diets to lose weight and lose weight.

Nuts in general, and pistachios in particular, are very satiating . In other words, just eating small amounts makes us feel satisfied and they also provide us with top-quality nutrients .

What are pistachios good for?

1.- To prevent or combat cognitive decline (which includes memory loss, difficulty maintaining attention or processing speed) due to several of its nutrients, including vitamin E.

2.- Pistachios could be our allies to help prevent diabetes due to their fiber , potassium and magnesium content .

3.- They help us to have younger skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles thanks to the vitamin E they contain.

4.- This same vitamin, in addition to having antioxidant action and delaying cellular aging, has an anti-inflammatory effect .

5.- Pistachios help us maintain energy and fight fatigue due to their contribution of B vitamins, particularly vitamin B6.

6.- They are a type of dried fruit that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (including hypertension ) and in general they are very good at taking care of our heart due to the amount of flavonoids they provide us with.

7.- Pistachios are a key food for people who want to add more vegetable protein to their diet.

8.- These nuts are a great source of folates (folic acid or vitamin B9) that help prevent developmental problems in the fetus during pregnancy and are also an important nutrient during lactation.

9.- Thanks to their high fiber content, pistachios are excellent allies for intestinal health : they help maintain a good intestinal transit, fighting constipation and preventing colon cancer.

10.- Pistachios are a great plant source of calcium , an especially important mineral during the growth of girls and boys and for women after menopause.

11.- They help prevent obesity thanks to the fact that they are a highly concentrated food and keep us satiated for longer.

12.- Pistachios help us fight or prevent iron deficiency anemia . These nuts, along with sunflower seeds or seeds, are the ones with the highest amount of iron. It is recommended to take pistachios together with foods rich in vitamin C so that iron can be absorbed properly.

pistachio recipesHow do you take pistachios?

We can find raw pistachios and roasted pistachios .

The easiest way to eat pistachios is simply by removing the shell and eating them as is.

Pistachios can be eaten as a snack between meals (both at snack and at noon) and added to a sweet or savory dish.

You can take pistachios by including them in salty recipes such as purees, sauces, salads, stir-fries and in sweet recipes such as brownies, muffins or muffins, pancakes, ice cream, nougat, cakes, puddings, etc. They are also delicious. We can include them whole, in pieces or ground, as you like.

As it is not recommended to give whole nuts to children under 3 years of age due to the high risk of choking , the ideal is to crush or beat them and add them to their food (such as purees, baby food, baby food, compotes, etc.) because it deserves the It is a shame that the little ones can take advantage of the excellent properties of pistachios, especially its content in beneficial fatty acids and iron (the latter is usually lacking in children’s diets).



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