What are some of the flowering plants you should grow

There is something wonderful about a home full of flowering plants . Therefore, I am sure you will want to know some of them to grow indoors. Take note!

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African violet

The African violet has a huge, passionate following and it is no wonder why, given that it is a plant with a wide variety of shapes and colors. Provide careful watering, bright light, and high humidity.


The poinsettia is one of the most popular indoor flowering plants in the world and its bloom coincides with Christmas. In recent years, poinsettia growers have introduced new varieties in white, pink, and more.


The peace lilies are often found in luxury homes, its white flowers sit on their bright green leaves. This tropical plant prefers warm climates, filtered light and humidity. Under the right conditions, it will flower in late summer and last for several weeks.


The begonia is considered an outdoor plant, but also has all the characteristics of houseplants . It is scarce, resistant and free-flowering. You can plant it in a pot and place it on a window sill to produce colorful flowers. There are countless varieties of begonia and all kinds of foliage.


Most bromeliads grow in the shape of a rosette and their leaves form a cup in the center to collect water. Its flowers appear from the center of the glass. They can be a bit difficult to flower, but new bromeliad flowers last for weeks or months and their foliage is wonderful.


This plant is easy to grow and flower. The most popular variety is kalanchoe blossfeldiana , which bears clusters of small flowers in spring. Provide bright light and the right amount of water to keep it in top condition.

Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is a plant with beautiful red or pink flowers. Generally, they are already bought in flower, but it is possible to make them bloom again.

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