What are the advantages of having a certified organic seedbed?

In organic farming it is essential to have reliable and safe organic plants, only in this way increase the chances of success of organic farming. If the plant is not of quality, most likely the crop will not be either. Having a specialized organic plant nursery with experience in the sector is essential to help you have a successful harvest.

These are some of the advantages of having a professional organic plant nursery:

  • Improves the yield and productivity of the harvest.
  • The seedbed has a technical team that develops research tasks to select the best varieties of seeds.
  • There is a higher percentage of germinated seeds than with direct sowing in the field, which also represents an economic saving for the farmer.
  • Reliability: certified, reliable and quality organic plants.
  • During the days of seedlings, organic plants receive the necessary care for their proper growth, such as temperature, paid irrigation, organic treatments.

If you have difficulty finding a professional and trustworthy seedbed that produces reliable and quality organic plants that will accompany you before, during and after harvesting the vegetables, your search must be very cautious, because you need a seedbed that is years old. of proven experience in the sector and that guarantees the highest quality of the plant.

Surely, if you start looking on the Internet, hundreds of seedbeds come out ensuring that their plant is the best, that it meets all the requirements and that years of experience support their work, but … should we trust all that talk or focus more in verified facts? The answer is simple: as if it were a chess game, we must contrast and study all the components that intervene in the seeding process to ensure that we choose the winning horse.

What must a seedbed have so that we can trust it? These are some factors that we must bear in mind when choosing:

  • We need a proven seedbed that has been in the sector for many years and shows that those years of experience have helped it consolidate.
  • Increasingly, technical aspects are becoming more important in improving plant productivity and quality. A hotbed that gives you advice and technical advice is one of those hotbeds that you can’t miss.
  • Just as the farmer needs a wide range of tools to be able to cultivate, a seedbed that has a diversity of processes by which we can buy the plant is, without a doubt, a good choice. Online shopping, cataloging and choice facilities are the flagship of the growing seedbeds.
  • A seedbed with a wide catalog of varieties of organic and aromatic plants will help us to have more diversity to choose from, and it will also show that you care about customer satisfaction, a key factor in choosing a good seedbed.
  • The most important point, on which we must focus and the one that will show us the way of the good or bad choice, are the phytosanitary and ecological certificates.

ecological plantNow, a search of this caliber can be quite complicated and long. Therefore, we have carried out the process for you and the seedbed that fits perfectly with these satisfaction needs is Babyplant Bio .

Babyplant is an ecological seedbed of horticultural and aromatic plants located in Murcia, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, they are specialists in small and medium ecological farmers. It is in their DNA to offer plants with the same quality that they offer to great farmers. Its objective is that farmers have access to a quality organic plant and for this, through their online store they sendtrays of organic stockto any point in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

But all this would be nothing without their pertinent certificate, the one that truly proves their years of experience and expansion, and in this regard they leave no doubt, they are the first seedbed in Spain and Europe to obtain the Global GAP certificate. Such regulations help crop producers to find reliable and assured sources of plant reproductive material.

The search result gives us a solution: Babyplant Bio.

In Babyplant Bio they carry out research tasks to filter and select the best horticultural varieties authorized for organic cultivation , which meet the desired characteristics and help you make your organic cultivation easier and safer. They have designed a program specifically to evaluate and filter the performance of each horticultural variety among the thousands of varieties on the market.

The selected varieties must meet the following requirements:

1st Performance and flavor.

2nd resistance to diseases.

3rd Price.

Sometimes organic farmers do not have the advice of an agricultural technician specialized in organic crops or they need a second opinion, so Babyplant Bio offers this service so that their clients receive the appropriate advice. Its extensive team of professionals offers you advice and technical support whenever you need it: before, during and after harvesting the vegetables or aromatic plants.

In organic farming even more, any protection is little.

From the moment of sowing, it is necessary to be very meticulous with the different applications of stimulants, fungi, phyto-fortifiers and beneficial bacteria that are applied to the organic plant, in addition to other authorized techniques for organic production that are basic in obtaining of a quality plant.

In Babyplant Bio they are able to stimulate the natural defense of the root ball plants that they supply in the field, helping you to give their best, especially in the first weeks of cultivation. They continue to work on the development of new ecological crop protection techniques in close collaboration with the main ecological plant protection companies, research centers and farmers, to achieve visible successes through invisible actions.

Technical advice on auxiliary flora

Not only do they contribute their knowledge, they also supply you with the auxiliary plants that you need at all times for each crop .

In organic farming, green roofs and hedges play an important role in maintaining the natural enemies of pests. They are key pieces in biological control, since the flora offers these insects food (pollen, nectar and alternative prey) and shelter, favoring the presence of stable populations of auxiliary fauna in our cultivation plot, capable of controlling pest insects. when their populations start to grow.

On many occasions it is not the only and definitive solution, but together with other agronomic techniques used in organic production it is a very useful complement in the defense and protection of your crops.

Currently in Babyplant they collaborate with research centers and private companies in learning and knowledge of new techniques in biological fight promoted by auxiliary flora.

The key to organic farming, as in life, is to succeed and get the most out of everything within our reach. With this article, we want you to know how to differentiate between a normal seedbed, and one that really works for and for the client, with the simple objective that your choice, your plant and your trusted seedbed accompany you throughout the growing process.


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