What is fertilization and why is it important?

The reason is that from the same day it is planted in a pot or in the ground, its roots begin to absorb the nutrients it finds in it. So, of course, unless we do something to avoid it, in less time than we think that substrate or soil will lose its fertility. And what preventive measures should we take? Fertilize, of course.

What is fertilization in gardening?

A compost or fertilizer is a substance, which can be organic or inorganic, which contains various nutrients that are accessible to plants and which also makes a soil have a better nutritional quality, which in turn stimulates the growth of plant beings.

How do fertilizers work in plants?

It depends a lot on the type of fertilizer:

  • Soluble fertilizers: are those that are mixed with water and then applied to the earth around the plants or to the leaves if it is foliar with a watering can or sprayer so that they can assimilate them.
  • Granular fertilizers: are those that are mixed a little with the substrate or soil to prevent the roots from burning.

How and how often are fertilizers applied?

Guano powder.

Again, it depends on the type of fertilizer . In principle, if we want to use artificial fertilizers, that is to say, those that we would call “chemical”, in the same packaging of the product we can read how often we have to apply it and how to do it. On the contrary, if we opt for those that are natural, we have to know that they are applied during the growth period of the plants, which usually coincides with the spring, summer and perhaps autumn months if the weather is mild.

If these crops are in pots, we will use fertilizers such as guano in liquid form following the instructions specified on the container, but if they are in soil we can use powder or granular fertilizers, putting a more or less small layer around the trunk or stem and mixing it. with the ground.

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