What lighting should you put in the garden

Lighting plays a major role in the decoration and constitution of a garden. Know what lighting to put in the garden and give your outdoor space a new life and beauty.

The correct lighting of a garden will make it look more refined and luxurious, especially at night or with darker and darker weather conditions. The greater the lighting and diversity of plants and colors in a garden, the more refined it will look in the eyes of all passersby and onlookers.

The choice of lighting

To choose the best lighting for your garden , you must comply with the following aspects:

Analyze the market: the landscaping has its own equipment, tools and accessories, however, it is essential to carry out a prior recognition about the materials that are available in the market to choose the most appropriate for the decoration and constitution of a garden .

Observe all safety procedures: keep in mind that the choice of lighting must respect all safety procedures and these should never be called into question. Safety must always come first and only after this is assured can you move on to other phases.

Choosing lighting: in the aesthetic chapter, the choice of lighting depends on the specific tastes of each one. It must be assumed that the garden should have an environment as pleasant and comfortable as when it is indoors. In this sense, lighting should be carefully chosen so that parties, barbecues or any type of festive occasion celebrated in the garden are a real success.

The types of lighting available

Currently, there are many types of lighting that can be used to decorate a garden or outdoor space. Of the most important, the following stand out:

Malibu lighting

It is one of the most popular types of lighting in the world and this is due to the fact that it does not require any type of electrical installation. It is a very effective and economical type of lighting, since it is powered by solar energy. It is one of the most viable alternatives for exterior lighting of paths and sidewalks and can be used in public and private gardens.

Upward lighting

Rising lighting lights offer greater security against possible invaders, as they completely illuminate an entire area. These can be placed against curtains, walls, columns, window glass and ceilings and are highly appreciated for ensuring a soft and diffused ambient light. By purchasing low-voltage upward lighting for your garden , you will be lighting up all the paths that will lead to your residence. You can also choose to place one or two fluorescent lights next to the entrances, in order to discourage strangers from entering. A lighted house is better protected and this is essential to ensure your safety.

Downward lighting

Downward lighting is a concept widely used in the lighting of public and private buildings, since the direction of the falling light gives a broader view over a given area and is a way of signaling and distinguishing a particular building from the others. It is a type of lighting that is much appreciated and used by all landscape decorators, as it guarantees a more individualized and uniform lighting.

Background or silhouette lighting

This type of lighting is very different from the others, since it gives a special effect to a certain plantation or landscape area. This type of lighting is widely used on festive occasions or to give a special effect at night to a certain area. This lighting is widely used in the decoration of water centers, for example in lakes and fountains.

The price of lighting

When lighting a garden, you must take into account the quality-price ratio. There are low voltage lights that are ideal for use in decorating and lighting a garden. On the other hand, you can choose automatic downloadable lights instead of incandescent or halogen lamps. These are more economical, bright lights and come in several different colors, which guarantees greater creative freedom for all amateur or professional decorators.

In general, the lights that are used in a garden are intended to ensure greater safety for all people, but can, at the same time, be a very elegant and economical option in taking care of the appearance and value of a home.

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