What to do in your garden in winter

Taking care of a garden is a task that must be carried out throughout the year, even when the weather conditions are not inviting to leave the house. That way, know what to do to your garden in winter so that next year it will look better and more radiant than ever.

Gardening tasks for the month of December (Northern Hemisphere) or June (Southern Hemisphere)

Winter begins with the end of autumn and precedes spring. It is characterized as the season that registers the lowest temperatures of the year and in the Northern Hemisphere it starts on December 21 and ends on March 22; in the Southern Hemisphere, this season begins on June 21 and ends on September 22. To properly care for your garden at this time, you must comply with the following aspects:

Caring for the structure of your garden

In winter, depending on the region where you are, there is not much practical work that can be done in a garden. The most important maintenance tasks involve planning and structuring your outdoor space. In this sense, it is necessary to build new beds, add decorative rocks or outline new passageways.

Carefully observe the condition of the soil

Observe the soil condition of your garden with the utmost attention and detail and make sure that it has no flaws. Flaws in a garden soil allow snow to seep into the roots of plants and this can lead to their death. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to apply a layer of organic fertilizer around all plants to help protect the well-being of their roots.

Feed the birds that usually frequent your garden

Birds play a key role in maintaining a garden, as they are primarily responsible for eating insects harmful to plant health . Thus, you must feed them in the harshest winter months so that they do not starve – after all, they are a very important help in taking care of a garden.

Order new plant seeds

The winter period is ideal for analyzing everything positive and negative has been done in your garden throughout the year. If you come to the conclusion that it is necessary to change the cultivation of any flower, tree or shrub , this is the best time to do so. Place your orders in December (Northern Hemisphere) or June (Southern Hemisphere), to start growing next spring.

Gardening tasks for the month of January (Northern Hemisphere) or July (Southern Hemisphere)

Normally, during the month of January (Northern Hemisphere) or July (Southern Hemisphere), the temperatures that are felt do not allow much maintenance work to be done in a garden. However, it is possible to check some important situations, such as:

Observe the state of the plant cover

Some gardeners cover roses, azaleas, rhododendrons and shrubs during the coldest months and in snowstorms. That way, when the weather permits, make sure that the climbing plants are safe and that the coverings of roses, azaleas and other shrubs remain unchanged.

Continue to order new plant seeds

This is a planning period and, as such, it is the ideal time to review all the main catalogs of plants and consider those that may fit well in your outdoor space.

Gardening tasks for the month of February (Northern Hemisphere) or August (Southern Hemisphere)

The maintenance tasks of a garden that can be carried out in February (Northern Hemisphere) or August (Southern Hemisphere) depend on the atmospheric conditions that are still felt in your area. Once the last winter frost has occurred, you can begin to perform the following tasks:

Plant new flowers

Some flowers are more resistant than others and can even be planted before the last frost. However, you should note in your garden diary the specific date of planting flowers to know how to care for them throughout the year. It should be noted that inside your home, you can start planting begonias and other types of flowers that take longer to germinate.

Prepare the garden for flowering bulb plants

At this time, you should clean the area of ​​your garden properly so that the bulbous flowers begin to bloom. Keep in mind that they grow best if the soil around them is aerated. However, at this time, the weather is still very unpredictable and if a cold front appears, you should put straw around the leaves to better protect them.

Gather materials used in the maintenance of a garden

During the month of February (Northern Hemisphere) or August (Southern Hemisphere) you must gather all the necessary materials to maintain and care for your garden, namely, fertilizers, bags of grass , bags of soil, lawn mowers , among others. To find these materials you must go to a nursery or a specialized garden store.

Caring for garden land

If time allows, you can start taking care of the soil in your garden, that is, turning it around the edges of the beds and fertilizing it in the most appropriate way so that later on, the plants can grow in a healthy way.

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