White cochineal

White cochineal

The white cochineal is a very widespread parasite, whose presence on crops is detectable through the appearance of light-colored spots that spread on the pages of the leaves and on the buds and buds of the plant. The cochineal pierces the lamina of the leaf feeding on the sap: for this reason, by removing the nourishment from the plant, it risks causing its death and endangering its state of health even with infestations at the initial stage. The white cochineal, therefore, must be eradicated and its spread must be prevented through good practices and suitable products. For the good care of the plants it is therefore important to carry out periodic checks, so as to be able to detect any infestation in progress during the initial stages, when the health of the plant is not yet too compromised.


The first form of prevention against the spread of parasites and, in particular, of the white cochineal, is the respect of the optimal cultivation conditions for the green species in question. A properly cultivated plant, in fact, is a healthier and more robust plant, which will be able to better cope with any attacks. It is also important not to create the conditions that facilitate parasitic proliferation, that is to say the presence of an environment that is too humid, shady and devoid of air circulation, with water stagnation in the ground. If you are cultivating delicate species or species subject to attack by the cochineal, it is also advisable to provide, in the period of recovery of the vegetative cycle of the plant, the periodic use of specific pesticide products with preventive action.


If a parasitic infestation is ongoing, action must be taken as quickly as possible to remedy and to prevent colonization from spreading too far. If the specimens of white cochinealpresent are not many and are found in a limited area, it is possible to intervene manually by eliminating them with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, to be gently passed on the leaves. It is important to take care to remove all parasites present, to prevent the infestation from expanding again. If, on the other hand, the situation is already very compromised, it is better to intervene directly with specific pesticides, which are effective enough to remove any pest organism but not too aggressive to damage the plant, which is already weakened and weakened. The product must therefore be selected on the basis of the type of parasite, but also of the green species and its health conditions.

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