Who benefits from buying organic and local products?

The consumption of organic and local or Km 0 products continues to increase every year. These types of products have been produced according to the European organic food regulations and are transported a maximum of 100 km from the place where they were produced.

Ecological agriculture, organic or bio agriculture is regulated by European regulations that prohibit the use of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

In addition, organic farming is recognized as one of the essential practices that must be implemented to combat climate change . Organic farming combines traditional practices with research and innovation.

In Spain (the leading producer of organic food in Europe ) we are privileged to have the largest variety of organic and local products . Let’s take advantage of it!

How can I know that a product is ecological?

Because it carries the official certification that accredits it.

In the case of organic food, the certifying bodies of each autonomous community pass various controls to organic producers and processors to ensure the quality of the products and the way in which they have been produced.

ecological seal


As in organic products intended for food, there are also ecological seals for hygiene and cosmetic products that certify the origin of their ingredients. I will go into more detail about the types of stamps in organic cosmetics in another post.

Your state of health is largely based on the type of diet you eat. Invest in organic or bio food, without residues of pesticides, hormones, etc. positively affects your health. What is more important than health?

What am I reinforcing when buying organic and local food?

  • Responsible agricultural practices that preserve biodiversity and natural resources (biodiversity of fauna and flora, water, soil)
  • Safer, fresher and more nutritious foods that mature to their optimum before being harvested. They haven’t been in cameras for days or weeks like products that travel thousands of miles to your table.
  • You avoid ingesting products with traces of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers , which are especially harmful for children and adults.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 due to transport and packaging.
  • The development of the local economy in a sustainable way
  • Promote employment with decent working conditions , especially for small and medium farmers
  • You contribute to the fact that villages and a living rural environment are not abandoned
  • Maintain local customs and gastronomy.
  • Know the origin of the foods you eat and how they are produced

The person who chooses organic and proximity or proximity products is aware of the importance of their choice when consuming .

Conscious and responsible consumption can be a very powerful transformative tool.

What is a responsible consumer?

He is a person who is well informed, who likes to take care of himself and knows that he can contribute positively to protect the environment with everyday actions such as shopping.

When filling the shopping cart, a responsible consumer evaluates factors such as:

  • That the product is ecological, organic or bio.
  • Whether it is proximity or local.
  • Make it seasonal
  • That it is made in a traditional way
  • That the working conditions of the producers are worthy

If your diet is not based on nearby foods, you may need up to 17 times more oil than a diet based on nearby foods. Isn’t that brutal to you?

In the end, responsible consumption through organic products not only influences ecology and health, it also has a very important impact on the social aspect by promoting employment among small and medium-sized farmers with fair and dignified conditions and avoiding the abandonment of rural areas as organic farming requires a greater volume of work.

And now,

Who benefits from buying organic and local products?

** It benefits you and your family because you eat better

** Benefits small and medium producers because they have fair working conditions

** It benefits the environment because you pollute less and help protect it.


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