Winter plants, ideal to have on the balcony

It is often thought that plants are exclusive for the garden and that it is also not so good to have on the balcony when the temperatures are low. However, there are winter plants that are excellent and of incomparable beauty .

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List of winter plants


Primrose is a seasonal plant that is widely used to bring color and joy to the home in winter. Flowering is centered from mid-winter to early spring.


The Dracena is an excellent plant to grow outdoors, especially on balconies or terraces located to the south. Due to its dark purple color of the leaves it will provide a very elegant touch as well as volume.

Dragon mouth

The snapdragon is a plant that can grow up to 2 meters high. Being an ideal species to grow in pots at low temperatures and it is even edible.

Viola or thought

Viola or pansy are outdoor plants that begin to bloom in the winter. They are species that resist frost very well, so the autumn and winter season are ideal.

Red-stem chard

Red-stemmed chard are decorative plants for the fall and winter season. It is of an intense red color in the stems, hence its name and they are also edible.


The geranium is a very resistant plant, which has colorful and very showy flowers. It can be grown in pots and with a good compost so that it grows vigorous. In addition, they are very resistant and do not require much care. 


The wallflower is a plant that resists very well on the balcony in low temperatures. Even the flowers are very colorful that give off a pleasant smell. It can be grown in pots as well as in the ground directly. Irrigation must be very sporadic and the soil must be somewhat loose.


It has original and showy flowers. They are versatile plants that grow well in semi-shade or in full sun.

So take these plants into account when the winter season has arrived to show off that spectacular balcony or terrace . Keep in mind that by the end of April they will begin to wilt as the temperature rises, so it will be time to remove them from there.

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