World Recycling Day: 10 tips to create a better world from home

World Recycling Day has arrived . It is the perfect excuse to remind ourselves once again how important it is to support ecological initiatives in your environment. But there is a problem.

Do you know that saying ” once a year does not hurt “? It turns out that talk about recycling a special day and forget the rest of the year itself that hurts. And a lot.

In case you know how serious this problem is, let’s talk about numbers:

  • A person can generate more than six times their own weight in garbage
  • If we add the garbage generated by all family homes in Spain, we can reach 21 million tons of waste per year .
  • Around the world, more than 3.5 million tons of garbage are generated per day .
  • With these numbers, calculators have been created for the amount of garbage we generate per second.

The point is that with something so simple promoting the use of recycled materials (such as glass, plastic or paper) we can make an incredible difference in the waste of resources and energy to produce them. Plus we can reduce the use of landfills and incinerators.

And what can we achieve with all this? In short: a better planet, less polluted and with less waste of resources .

Recycling is such a simple but effective action that it can improve our quality of life on the planet. And the best thing is that we can do it from our home and as a family . Also, if you have little ones at home, it can be a fun way to teach them values ​​on a day-to-day basis.

If you want to know how to start fighting for a better world from today, World Recycling Day, don’t take your eyes off our 10 tips to recycle from home in a simple and fun way:


10 tips to create a better world from home

1. Learn the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The first is the first. This is the basic rule of thumb for recycling. Study these three rules and the rest will be rolled:

  • Reduce: avoid buying or using disposable products whenever possible (for example: napkins, shopping bags …)
  • Reuse: There are so many things at home that we can use over and over again before throwing them away … Take a walk around your house and you will realize that you can give a new use to objects such as jars, boxes and many more.
  • Recycle: Remember to separate the waste in its corresponding containers when you throw the garbage.

2. Make sure what you can and cannot recycle

Each city has its own rules for waste management. We may have the best intention in the world to separate our garbage in the recycling bins but be completely wrong. You can always call the agency that is in charge of waste collection or your city council to help you if you or your family are not very clear about it.

3. Buy products made from recycled materials

Not everything is recycling. We also have to be aware of what we buy and how our shopping habits affect the environment. We already mentioned it in the three R’s of recycling, but it is vital to be clear about the benefits of buying products made with recycled materials. Not only do we avoid increasing product waste, but you also support market recycling processes.

4. Feel yourself an artist

I bet you what you want that there are an infinity of creative proposals to give a new use to what you want to throw away. If you don’t give it to them, someone else will give it to them, even young children can imagine something. Do you remember that person who made ashtrays out of cut-out cans? We can even make a profit from that. Don’t waste it: use it.

5. Recycle up to water

Are you one of those who let the water run while you shower, brush your teeth or scrub? It is something they have been telling us since we were little: that is not done. We should consider ourselves lucky to have access to clean water in our homes every day. We cannot miss it. Turn off the tap or collect the water you do not need to find a later use : to water the plants, for example.

6. Take care of your appliances

This is usually a very common problem. Many people are not very clear about where to dispose of an appliance or your batteries if we want to recycle them because sometimes it is something that is not clarified in the product packaging. Luckily, every day it is something more common and usually appears in any box or in the same containers. If you are still not sure where you should recycle an appliance, you can contact the services in charge of your city or the same seller of the product.

7. Get ahead of everything

In this life you have to be cautious, but above all practical. You would not need to spend so much time separating the garbage you generate at home if you bought directly recycled or reusable products. Use logic and think in the medium / long term to make recycling much easier.

8. Donate and give away

The donation is very common especially for clothes and shoes. In all cities and towns there are organizations that accept donations and gifts of things that you no longer need . Do you remember that jacket that you have not worn for a year? Donate it. Is your little boy growing by the day and all the shoes are too small for him? Give them away. It is one of the most valuable ways to make a better world together.

9. Get organized

We said it at the beginning. Everything you can do to recycle starts at home. The best way to learn and get used to the simple actions of daily recycling is to have them at your fingertips, where you spend your day to day. Start by having different containers at home to organize the garbage . Step by step, recycling will be part of your life and it will be impossible to imagine a world without these small actions

10. Have fun

If you want your family to learn to recycle and know the benefits of a green life, you have to make it fun . For example, it is important to get the attention of young children by presenting it as a game . You can organize it as a family and have a contest for points at home and then get a reward for them. The main thing is that they understand the value of recycling.

Today is a very important day, but recycling should be part of our daily life and not be something specific. We have proposed 10 ideas to recycle from home in a useful and fun way. It is time to protect our environment and start building a better world for everyone as a family.

How about? Are you signing up to do it at home?

Tell us in the comments what you do to recycle.

We are waiting!


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