Wormwood remedy for the organic garden

Wormwood ( Artemisia absinthium ) is a plant with great potential to help us in the organic garden. Both sowing it and in preparations can be very useful, and not only in the garden, also for its therapeutic properties, although now we will deal with its uses in the garden.

In the garden there is an entire ecosystem made up of insects, plants and crops. This ecosystem remains in balance until an excess of fertilizers, excess or lack of water, etc. They cause that balance to be broken and some species develop excessively and end up causing damage to crops.

To avoid pests, it is very important to keep the garden in optimal cleaning conditions, adapt the care to the needs and observe its development. Obviously, experience is a plus, but patience and the desire to learn are also essential. Here you can see more about it.

The ecological remedy that I propose is based on Wormwood to avoid and combat pests of aphids, mites, weevils, ants, it even keeps toads and snakes away.


Wormwood Macerated

We add about 300 grams of Wormwood for each liter of water. We put the water to boil, cover the pot and when 5 minutes have elapsed we turn it off, keep the pot closed and leave it for 24 hours.

This macerate is sprayed on the affected plants undiluted twice a day.

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