Yucca mixtecana, a plant whose bearing is fine and slender

Yucca mixtecana also known as Izote Mixteco . It belongs to the Yucca genus of the Asparagaceae family, which includes about 50 species of evergreen shrubs. It is native to southern Mexico, especially the states of Puebla and Oaxaca.

Characteristics of the Yucca mixtecana

Yucca of arboreal bearing,  with a long and fine trunk that does not usually branch. It reaches 6 m in height.

The leaves are rigid and slightly curved, with a fibrous edge and ending in a thorn, of a greenish-gray or a little bluish tone.

The flowers appear in a long inflorescence that arises above the rosette of creamy-white or yellowish leaves. It blooms in the spring.

It produces fruits in the form of capsules, which are full of seeds.

Yucca mixtecana care

It is a species that is used in rockery, as an isolated specimen in the garden or in large pots for terraces or patios. Being excellent for slopes and slopes in dry areas of the garden.

Requires exposure to full sun or light shade in warm weather. Tolerates frost down to -12˚C.

The soil can be sandy, rocky and poor, generally rich in calcium, but with good drainage.

Watering can be moderate in the summer, although it is worth mentioning that it is resistant to drought.

As for the fertilizer, it is not necessary to add any.

Pruning can be done to remove the wilted leaves and, with it, it can grow vigorously.

It is a plant that is resistant to pests and diseases. Perhaps, the only thing they can fear is excess water.

It can be multiplied by means of seeds sown in the spring with a sandy and slightly humid substrate.

Being a specimen with very little care, it is perfect for those who are a bit clueless.


The leaves are used to make traditional crafts and ornaments.

The flowers are edible.

It is a specimen that could give that unique touch to the green space. However, it should be considered that it is a species with a limited distribution.

Therefore, let us value everything that nature gives us and take care of it in the same way, since we are the ones who put an end to it.

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