Indoor plants

Apartment plants

Indoor plants

In a closed environment such as a room, a houseplant furnishes and helps to give a touch of freshness and elegance. Of course you have to choose the right plants; not always an easy choice, not all plants adapt to living in a confined and not always well ventilated place. In addition to being decorative, plants in the house can have a purifying function. Many varieties have the ability to cleanse the environment of harmful substances that, for various reasons, can accumulate. Some plants, such as Ivy or Sansevieria, are able to reduce the concentrations of polluting molecules of benzene, carbon monoxide, acetone and the smell of smoke by a good percentage. According to some oriental theories, some plants are a good omen and can drive away «negative energy».

How to care for houseplants

Taking care of indoor plants is pleasant and relaxing, and it produces positive effects on oneself. Getting your hands dirty with the earth, sowing seeds, cultivating the land, are all activities that reconcile us with life and with nature, and it is certain that a plant cared for with love grows more luxuriant. The plant is a living being that reacts to external stimuli. Taking care of a plant means: giving it the right light exposure, to have a beautiful bright green color (the light stimulates chlorophyll), not exposing it to direct sunlight, which on the contrary could damage its leaves. In winter, avoid placing them near heaters, high temperatures or an excessively dry environment dehydrates it and puts it in a stressful situation.

Watering of houseplants

A houseplant helps maintain proper air humidity with perspiration. The water goes up from the roots to the leaves and evaporates, spreading in the air. It is important to maintain the right humidity of the soil with watering which must not be abundant. Too much water could promote «root rot» with consequent death of the plant by asphyxiation (ensure good drainage). If the vase is made of terracotta, the best solution may be the «immersion» technique. The pot is immersed in a basin full of water for about an hour so that it can absorb all the necessary humidity without excessively wetting the soil. Before repeating the operation make sure that the earth is completely dry.

Apartment Plants: Decorate the house with plants

Decorating the house with plants is an art. With simple tricks, a lot of imagination and good taste you can make every corner cozy, just use the right plants. Plants match any style of furniture, from modern to antique. With some succulent plants, a beautiful ceramic bowl and a handful of white pebbles, you can get knick-knacks to place on a coffee table in the living room, or on the corner of a cupboard in the living room. Maidenhair, fern, or any moisture-loving plant is ideal for beautifying the bathroom. In the kitchen, a composition of medicinal herbs, placed on a window sill, as well as decorative, give the environment a good scent and are «at hand» when preparing meals.

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