Bonsai sale

What is a bonsai?

Bonsai, literally translated from Japanese, means “planted in a pot”. In fact, the art of bonsai consists of cultivating and caring for miniature trees in pots. Although the term is Japanese, the art of bonsai is said to date back to ancient Chinese practices. With this particular technique, the plant is directed to assume the desired dimensions and shapes, while respecting its growth and vegetative balance. A common misconception among people is to believe that bonsai plants are genetically dwarf trees. Another mistake consists in thinking that bonsai plants are genetically treated when, on the contrary, bonsai are very normal plants but treated in a particular way in order to keep them small.

Sale of bonsai

Bonsai plants have an undisputed ornamental character for both the exteriors and the interiors of houses, and for this reason they are highly sought after especially as houseplants. For those wishing to buy a bonsai, you can find it in most shops and centers that deal with gardening. It is also possible to buy bonsai through the web: there are various online sites that deal with this activity. When buying bonsai, it is suggested to inquire about the species you are going to buy, as obviously they are not all the same and need different needs. It is also advisable to start with a species of bonsai that is easier to care for, if this is the first time you are approaching this particular type of plant. A beginner, in fact, 

How to take care of a bonsai

When deciding to buy a bonsai it is important to inquire about its characteristics. Before selling the bonsai, in fact, it would be advisable to ask the seller for advice and information on the species. The most important rules to follow essentially for all species of bonsai concern watering, fertilization and the right placement of the plant. As for watering, it is necessary to avoid practicing it every day and to intervene to wet the soil when it is dry. An occasional fertilization can help your bonsai to acquire the necessary nutritional values: there are specific fertilizers for bonsai plants. Bonsai must also be located in a warm and lighted environment. To grow well, they need repotting every two years, as far as young plants are concerned,

Bonsai sale: Origin of the bonsai art

The concept of bonsai was born in the Ancient East probably with the figures of itinerant herbalists, who played the role of doctors who went to people in need of care. These itinerant herbalists used medical herbs and elements contained in the leaves, bark or roots of trees to implement the treatments. Starting from the assumption that the plants were effective only if still alive, the need arose to bring the tree with them, transplanted into a pot: hence, the art of bonsai. The herbalist kept the bonsai plant alive, taking only the part necessary for the care and trying not to damage its miniature tree. Over time, the techniques of bonsai have evolved and spread, reaching beyond the lands of China and Japan.

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