Red maple bonsai, care tips

How and how much to water the red maple bonsai

To be able to obtain the desired results in the care of the red maple bonsai, it is necessary to follow the right indications of irrigation, fertilization and pruning. This beautiful species of dwarf plant is typical of areas where the rains are not very frequent, therefore it does not require special and insistent watering, also because it would suffer. The risk is that the roots will rot. In addition to these important conditions, the size of the pot, the bonsai, the quality of the soil and other small factors must be considered. In winter, three monthly waterings may be enough, while during the summer season it is possible to irrigate even every day. The advice we give you is to water every time the soil is dry, remember that more red maple bonsai die for excess of water than for lack.

How to take care of the bonsai

The red maple bonsai, like all species of dwarf plants, requires pruning, irrigation, repotting and fertilization. It tolerates low temperatures very well, the important thing is not to leave it at the mercy of winter frosts, near heat sources. Pruning interventions are very important, since in addition to thinning the foliage, it serves to maintain the shape you want to give to the bonsai. The best time to prune the plant is late February or early March, eliminating the twigs that grow at the base of the trunk and the broken ones. We advise you to use specific tools for bonsai pruning, i.e. scissors and clippers. Once the twig is cut, help the plant avoid infections by spreading a healing substance that helps it heal faster.

To give the red maple bonsai all the substances it needs to live and develop, it is very important to provide periodic fertilization. There are solid and liquid fertilizers, the solid ones have the particularity of being absorbed by the soil slowly and over time, the liquid ones are mixed with water and poured directly into the soil. As with other bonsai species, fertilization must be done away from very hot summer periods and very cold winter periods. On average, the interventions must be repeated about every twenty days in spring and autumn. It is very important to rely on authorized dealers, following step by step the directives and advice on how to use the fertilizer and fertilizers, obviously be careful not to overdo it.

Red maple bonsai, care tips: Red maple bonsai diseases

The most common diseases in the world of bonsai are fungi, aphids and scale insects. All these pathologies are aggressive and threaten the health of the red maple bonsai, the important thing is to use chemicals to prevent them or in the worst case eradicate them. The first alarm bells are the spots on the leaves and the fall of the same. At the authorized dealers you will find all the answers to your questions regarding the quantities and methods of use of the chemicals created to defeat the diseases that attack bonsai. The important thing is to notice in time if your dwarf plant has been a victim of parasitic or fungal attack, in order to intervene to its rescue, since most situations in which the bonsai gets sick can lead to its death.

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