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The decoration of the house for Christmas

The Christmas party is one of the most loved in the Catholic world, for the magical atmosphere it brings with it. In many countries, including Italy itself, there is the custom of decorating and decorating one’s home with a Christmas theme, using not only objects and festoons, but also arranging Christmas plants in the apartment or in the garden. In fact, there are plants that are traditionally associated with this festival, and therefore are inevitable at home: even the presence of one of them is enough to give life to a Christmas atmosphere. What could be declared the Christmas plantspruce par excellence: even if you have lost the habit of decorating real trees, preferring synthetic ones, there are still those who adopt a fir at home, only to plant it in the garden after the holidays, or return it to shop to be brought back to the woods. The resinous smell of its wood and its needles is one of the most typical of Christmas.

The fir becomes the center of the house, once decorated with decorative balls, candles, angel hair, and with the inevitable star as a tip. But there are many other Christmas plantswhich can be used not only to decorate the apartment, but also to make welcome gifts. Among the plants that are mainly used to make decorations at home, there are mistletoe, holly and butcher’s broom. Mistletoe (Viscum album) is a bushy, evergreen and parasitic plant. Those lucky enough to live near places where there are patches of trees, could easily find it attached to the branches or trunk of oaks, walnuts or poplars. Its leaves are long and of a beautiful glossy green color; the flowers are yellow and the fruits are the characteristic white berries with a sticky interior. It hangs on the lintel of the door, and it is a common belief that kissing under the mistletoe brings good luck.

The butcher’s broom and the holly

The other two Christmas plants that are used to decorate the house, mostly creating garlands or festoons to hang on the doors, or on the fireplace, are the butcher’s broom and the holly. The butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is an evergreen shrub that is characterized by the production of bright red berries. These fruits are produced in winter, and therefore at Christmas the butcher’s branches are full of them, which is why they are very decorative. Its common name, butcher’s broom, derives from the fact that the leaves have small, very sharp points. Holly (Ilex aquifolium) is very similar to butcher’s broom, so much so that it is also commonly called greater butcher’s broom. Its flowers are white, and even holly, in winter, produces bright red berries, or drupes.

Christmas plants to give as gifts

Finally, there are Christmas plants that can decorate the house and are especially suitable for making a welcome gift. The first that can be mentioned is undoubtedly the Christmas star (Euphorbia pulcherrima). This plant, also called Poinsettia, is native to Mexico and is known for its red flowers that look like stars. In reality, those are not flowers but bracts, which are red colored leaves. On the market there are also hybrid forms of white or pink color. Another of the most popular Christmas plants is Anthurium, which can be donated either cut, composed in a bouquet or in a table centerpiece, or in a vase. Anthurium is a very ornamental plant, whose flower consists of a central spadix and a spathe, that is a large single leaf surrounding the spadix, which usually has a glossy red color,

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