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Coffee plant

How to water the coffee plant

The coffee plant needs to be watered regularly: it needs humidity and a soil that is kept constantly fresh. It is therefore advisable to water the plant in question at least twice a week in the period between March and October, characterized by a progressive increase in temperatures; the soil must never dry out completely, but at the same time there must not even be water stagnations, which could cause the plant to rot. Watering can be reduced to once a week in the cold months, but it must never be neglected and it is essential to intervene if the soil begins to dry out. Vaporizers and humidifiers could help to accentuate the humidity of the environment, and demineralized water is preferable as the water used.

How to grow and care for the plant

If you decide to grow this particular plant indoors, you must first of all keep in mind that the soil must be fertile, rather deep, well drained and possibly characterized by an acid pH; the ideal room temperature is around 18 ° C, neither excessively high nor too low, in any case never below 10 ° C. It is not necessary to prune the leaves, but if you want to do it it is better to use a tool that has already been disinfected; however, it is advisable to clean them with a damp cloth, without ever using foliar polishes which would hinder breathing. An excellent solution for the cultivation of this plant is the greenhouse, a guarantee of a luxuriant flowering; alternatively, especially in winter, an illuminated but not too heated spot is preferable.


For fertilization, we recommend products that balance the three fundamental elements, namely potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, with other minor elements, including iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese: these are necessary for development correct the plant and to prevent it from deteriorating over time. It is therefore recommended to make sure that the fertilizer purchased contains both macro and micro elements. The coffee plant needs a variable fertilization based on age: if very young it must be fertilized once a month, if adult once a week. It might be advisable to add manure at the beginning of winter, that is dried manure ideal for houseplants, which is suitably mixed with the soil.

Coffee plant: exposure, diseases and possible remedies

Since this plant is native to tropical places, the exposure must take place in well-lit areas characterized by high humidity, but far from direct sources of heat; a greenhouse, as previously mentioned, or a heated veranda are the ideal solution, but excellent results are also obtained at the windows located to the west and south. A serious problem for the plant is represented by parasites: the most frequent are aphids and cochineal, which can however be fought respectively with nettle macerate and white mineral oil. Among the most frequent diseases are rust, which can be treated adequately with horsetail decoctions, and chlorosis, caused by the absence of microelements in the fertilizer and contrasted with chelated iron products.

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