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Coral begonia

Origins and main characteristics of the coral begonia

The coral begonia is a herbaceous shrub belonging to the Begoniaceae family and native to the tropical forest of Brazil. It is a houseplant used mainly for ornamental purposes, thanks to its elegant and graceful appearance, admirable especially during the flowering period. The coral begonia stands out due to the particular elongated shape of its leaves, which have a light green color and are spotted with small silver dots. During flowering, coral begonia fills with clusters of small, red or pink pendulous flowers. The average height of the plant grown in the apartment is around 90 centimeters, although the shrub can grow up to two meters.

Coral begonia exposure and watering

The cultivation of coral begonia is simple and does not require special care.The plant, being of tropical origins, needs a good brightness to develop properly. In winter it is good to keep coral begonia inside the apartment, as it suffers from low temperatures. During spring and summer, it is recommended to place the pot outdoors, avoiding that the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, which could damage the leaves and flowers. Excessively high temperatures should also be avoided.The soil of the coral begonia must be constantly moistened. During the cold period, numerous waterings are not necessary, while in summer the plant should be watered often, making sure the soil does not dry out.

Fertilization and repotting of coral begonia

To give the plant the nutrition that water alone is unable to provide to the roots, it is advisable to periodically proceed with fertilization. In the spring and summer months it is recommended to fertilize the coral begonia every two weeks, while in the colder periods, the operation can be done once a month. The most suitable fertilizer to use is liquid fertilizer, to be poured on the soil only after it has been thoroughly moistened. Coral begonia should be repotted every year, changing both the pot and the soil. As far as the pot is concerned, it is a must to choose a larger one that ensures good drainage. As for the soil, it is suggested to use a compound based on peat, leaf earth and sand.

Coral Begonia: Multiplication of the coral begonia

The multiplication of coral begonia generally occurs by leaf cuttings. The operation is extremely simple: all that needs to be done is to detach a leaf from the plant, immerse it in a glass of water and wait for the roots to appear. About a month after the appearance of the first roots, they must be buried inside a pot. Within a few weeks, the begonia will begin its development. Alternatively, it is possible to carry out the multiplication by branch cutting. In this case it is necessary to immerse the branch in a glass of water and wait for the roots to appear, after which it is possible to proceed with the potting and obtain a new plant.The recommended period for multiplying the coral begonia is spring,

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