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The cyclamen

Cyclamen is a genus of plants belonging to the Primulaceae family that have the appearance of herbaceous tuberous character with pinkish-colored inflorescences. The plant has a clump character with a bulb formation from which the leaves and flowers are born. The roots are only secondary and surround the tuber. The stem is divided into two parts, the first underground which corresponds to the bulb, the second is the aerial part from which the leaves and flowers originate. The leaves show a green coloration on the upper page with white spots and on the lower page green with red streaks. Depending on the climatic zone, the leaves could be persistent or perish during the summer period, in order to guarantee the correct water supply to the rest of the plant.

Types of cyclamen

Rustic cyclamen are plants that can grow outdoors in a semi-shaded or shady location. These plants feature leaves that are generally smaller than those of houseplants. The plants should be buried in late spring or late summer in a soil rich in organic substances mixed with beech leaves and sand so that moisture is retained, but at the same time a correct drainage is guaranteed. The soil should only be watered when dry. After flowering, the leaves wither and the plant enters the phase of vegetative rest, in which it would be advisable to avoid watering them. Semi-rustic cyclamen, on the other hand, need cultivation in the apartment in order to survive adequately,

Cyclamen cultivation

The ideal soil for the cultivation of cyclamen would include the use of an acid substrate formed by forest soil, peat and sand. The bottom of the pot should contain shards, gravel or expanded clay to ensure adequate drainage and avoid water stagnation. The cyclamen growing medium should remain moist, but never completely soggy. It would be essential to fill the saucer every 2 days in the vegetative period and wait half an hour for the necessary to be absorbed. The soil should be fertilized every 10 days with a liquid fertilizer to obtain abundant blooms. To stimulate the growth of the leaves it would be necessary to administer a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content at the beginning of the vegetative period.

Cyclamen cure: Cyclamen cure

The care of the cyclamen requires that the plants are positioned properly because they fear the cold and need a bright area, but not with direct exposure to the sun’s rays. To be able to keep the plants healthy, it would be advisable to eliminate the withered leaves and flowers, cutting them at the base and avoiding leaving residues that could rot and be a vehicle for bacteria towards the bulb. Cyclamen could be reproduced by seed or by bulb division. With the first method you should wait 3 years for flowering, while with the second method you should wait for the bulb to regain vigor. Seed multiplication should take place in spring. The division of the bulb should be done with a clean cut and with a disinfected tool.

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